A Breif History of Japanese Fly Fishing

A Breif History of Japanese Fly Fishing The traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing is called “Tenkara” (literally: “from heaven”). The 1st reference to tenkara fly-fishing was in 1878 in a book called “Diary of climbing Mt. Tateyama” Tenkara is really the only fly-fishing method in Japan that could be defined by using a fly and … Read more

R/C Fishing Pole/Boat Combo

When I was a kid we never would have imagined this! It’s a remote control boat, and you can go fishing with it.  We were surfing YouTube for r/c boat videos Friday after school and came across a video about a “Remote Control Fishing Boat” That’s right, remote control boats for fishing; I thought is this for … Read more

Fly Fishing Still Going Strong

Since the earliest fisherman plucked fish from the water with their bare hands, anglers have found many different methods of fishing. Fly fishing is one of the oldest and has been in existence for hundreds of years. Believed to have begun during Roman times, the advanced methods of fly fishing are considered to have developed … Read more

Radio Ranger 32″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

My kid says, “I’m going fishing with a remote control boat”! Now just when I thought I’ve seen every new fishing thing out there, leave it to the younger generation to come up with a novel approach to fishing. I’m just glad to see him outside again instead of in front of the boob tube. … Read more

Informative Fisherman – Beginner Bluegill fishing

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Fly Fishing Defined in the Desert Southwest

Fly fishing enthusiasts can be found in the desert southwest. This sport is a way of life for some, who make this their career. In the area considered to be the southwestern region of the United States, you will find many avenues to try your luck at a sport that has been around for many … Read more

The Importance Of Superior Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing – a sport of significant skill – continues to grow in popularity as the fundamentals of it are passed on from generation to generation and from fisherman to fisherman. As a new generation takes to the water, they learn as the anglers before them, that proper fly fishing equipment ranks as high in … Read more

The Popularity of Winter Bass Fishing and Top Seasonal Tips

Experienced anglers know that bass fishing is one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever have. If you’re a fisherman (or woman) that hasn’t tried your hand at bass fishing yet, you need to know what you’re missing. Bass are sought after more than any other species of fish for several different reasons. For … Read more

Cabo San Lucas’ Sport Fishing – Opportunities Galore For The Avid Fisherman

Earth is made 70% of water. Besides quenching the thirst of the human beings, across the world, there are several enthusiasts of the water sports. Cabo San Lucas is one place that all real water sports enthusiasts always wish to go. Here are some exclusive features of the water sports & fishing in Cabo San … Read more

Fishin-Opoly Fishing Trip Fly Fish Fisherman Monopoly Board Game Educational Toy Featuring: Bass, Worms, Bobbers, Salmon, Trout, Musky, Pike, Walleye, Catfish, Perch, Carp, Crappie, Blue Gill and more

Game comes complete and ready for hours of family fun All the fun of the traditional game with a fun twist Bring back game night Sure to be a family favorite 1.5″ H x 10″ W x 20″ L Product DescriptionTHE GAME THAT WILL REEL YOU IN, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER! Gone Fishin? ? when … Read more

The Barefoot Fisherman: A Fishing Book for Kids

Product DescriptionA fishing book for kids… More >> The Barefoot Fisherman: A Fishing Book for Kids Related PostsFinancial Wisdom Coloring BookThe Financial Wisdom Coloring Books for Kids and Parents is &…Gone Fishing With Kids Product DescriptionGone Fishin’ with Kids was born o&#102…Math Riddle Worksheet BookMath puzzle worksheets that help kids learn Math! Teaches addition, subtraction, … Read more