Here’s an adventure in Puerto Rico Fishing the Caribbean Sea and More

If your looking to escape from the everyday “ho-hum” fishing trip, why not the unspoiled waters of the Caribbean Sea?

Just off the south west coast of Puerto Rico you will find the best and largest  Mahi-Mahi fish runs in the world!

There’s offshore saltwater fishing where you’ll find species such as Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and King Mackeral,

Inshore fishing both in saltwater and fresh for popular species like the Peacock Bass, Silver King, Snook, Jacks, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and Tarpon

Wether you get a charter and go after the big boys in the deep ocean, bay , and reefs or choose to spend your time on the shore or one of the many lagoons heavy casting or fly fishing, your sure to find  a one of a kind experience fishing the waters of Puerto Rico


Hire a Charter


Why not try and hire a charter, there are many in Puerto Rico to choose from that are willing to take you to several different areas throughout the Caribbeans. A great idea for the person looking to learn new fishing techniques, in personal experience I’ve learned more from these guys that go out there for a living everyday. They show the public what bait to use , what rigs are best , and of course the various fishing spots and times the fish are running in different areas. Its not only an escape but a fun learning experience as well.


Hire A Guide

Worried about seasickness? No problem, fishing guides are there for you! You’ll get the same experience as you would with a charter but these guys are diverse. Freshwater or saltwater there’s a lot more options and still great fishing without having to go out in the open sea! This is a great way to learn where the honey holes are as well as the different techniques to catch the big ones that are in the the various areas. Pay attention to your guide watch what tackle and bait he uses for different species, notice his technique how shallow or deep he casts,  if he’s floating bait or dropping it on bottom. Pay attention to your surroundings, the rules and regulations and the areas he takes you. This will help you when you decide your ready to go it alone and fish without assistance.

Go Exploring!


Now for the adventurous fisherman, there are so many opportunities.

If you have a boat or kayak try the lagoons, you’ll find several different species that are sure to strike your fancy such as robalo, snook, and peacock bass. All in the same area ready for the taking, and with a nice view as well.

No boat? No problem, there is plenty of surf fishing , fishing from bridges is very popular as well one spot includes the Boca de Congrejo bridge. No car no problem you can fish from behind your hotel at the Caribe Hilton’s back parking lot.

Let’s not forget the piers, because there are plenty available the Pier Punta Santiago in humacao is an extremely great spot to catch horse mackeral. Its also the most comfortable and prepared for sport fishermen in all of Puerto Rico, its designed very spacious, has tables embedded in the columns of the pier that help you bite the bait, and has holes to place fishing rods around the pier.


So wether you prefer saltwater, freshwater, deep sea or lagoon Puerto Rico has a lot to offer for every fisherman. Its one of the only fishing escapes that offer every type of fishing from fly fishing to deep sea trolling, everything is balled up into a fishermans paradise that not only you but the entire family can enjoy. So next time your looking to escape on that one of a kind fishing experience give Puerto Rico a try, you wont be disappointed!

No See Um Lodge Alaska’s Finest!

Everybody has an opinion. Every fisherman who’s been lucky enough to cast through a perfect day in the Last Frontier knows its best rivers for fly fishing. Every single angler is right, too. Recognizing this fact of fishing life makes it easier for us to put together our list. We know that you know the best, so we’re going to play it safe and just call these five locations our five favorite fly fishing rivers here in Alaska.



1. The Kenai River

Running more 80 wild miles through the Alaskan panhandle to Cook Inlet, this river earns its reputation as a trophy-fish paradise. If that wasn’t enough to land it on our list of favorites, its spectacular backdrop of the Chugach Mountains seals the deal. The lower Kenai’s chinook runs are legendary, and we’re crazy about catching 20-pound rainbows on the upper river. Sockeye numbers from the middle of July through summer’s end can top 1 million. Cohos jump in by early August, and an average Dolly Varden tips the scales at 4 to 6 pounds. We admit that we’re partial to the upper Kenai’s seclusion and scenery.

2. The Copper River

You have to love a river that was one of the first in Alaska to receive a catch-and-release-only designation for rainbow fly fishing. You have to call it a favorite for winding pools and undercut banks. This is a river that nature designed for wading with gorgeous stretches through scenic valleys lined with birch, spruce and cottonwood. The Copper is big, and it runs long for 300 miles out of the Wrangell and Chugach Mountains. The star-studded salmon lineup from mid-May through October includes chinook, sockeye and coho, and Copper River rainbows are still some of the biggest in Alaska thanks to that special designation.

3. The Talachulitna River

Seeing truly is believing when you can count the fish swimming by. That’s how clear the Talachulitna’s water runs on its way down from Judd Lake in the Beluga Mountains. This incredible stretch earns its place on our list of favorites with a world-class combination of breathtaking scenery and amazing fly fishing action. When someone mentions the Dolly Varden they caught on the Tal, they’ll probably also brag about the chinook, rainbow and grayling they landed. If you dream about casting while majestic, snow-capped mountains look over your shoulder, fly in to one of our favorites, and fish the Talachulitna River.

4. The Alagnak River

This tributary of our very own Kvichak River is a perfect spot for folks who are just now discovering the world’s best outdoor sport. Its lower stretches are wide with plenty of sandbars to anchor waders longing to get wet. We especially enjoy schools of silver salmon holding on the shallow edges, and we love chasing kings in the deep channels. The upriver braids are an endless labyrinth of gravel beds and small channels teeming with salmon and rainbows. Some folks like this 69-mile run for whitewater adventures, but we prefer perfecting our casting skills over the Alagnak’s easy stretches.

5. The Kvichak River

We know what you’re thinking. The Kvichak is our favorite Alaskan river because it’s our home. You’re right, and we have countless reasons to brag about the crystal clear waters that flow right outside our back door. For more than 40 years, we’ve fished the only connection between Bristol Bay and Lake Iliamna. We’ve made the Kvichak our base because it’s beautiful, productive and supports the world’s largest red salmon run. The numbers for Bristol Bay’s 2015 sockeye run topped 58 million, so we proudly stand on the banks of our Kvichak River and claim it as our very favorite fly fishing spot in Alaska.

This is the kind of list that we really enjoy because it always sparks great conversations around the main lodge fireplace. Alaska’s rivers don’t compete for recognition as the best because they don’t have too. Every stretch of water up here is a magical spot surrounded by the most pristine backcountry on the planet. Sure, we have our favorites, and we know that you do too. Come on up, and visit us here at No See Um Lodge. Let’s continue this discussion on our back porch looking out over the Kvichak River.

Article by Ultimate Fishing (
Fishing for redfin perch is commonplace in England and Ireland where the fish is native to the region. In their natural habitat, perch can be found in most waterways and often in large numbers. Urbanisation has lead a lot of locations in England to produce only large numbers of small perch, however it is definitely not this way in Ireland. As the rivers in Ireland are commonly well preserved, large redfin perch fishing here can be a very productive and rewarding pastime

Within Australia however, the redfin has been introduced, from linages originally from England. This does not limit their size, in fact, some very large redfin can be caught in South East Australian waters, where they are most suited to weather conditions in the southern hemisphere.

Although they are not as abundant now as they were in the past, mainly due to the overpopulation of introduced European Carp, they can still be found and caught in most waterways. Areas either without or with limited carp and tench populations tend to be home to some of the most productive and easiest redfin to catch, but access to these exact locations is often a well kept secret.

Redfin Fishing Australia

Redfin Fishing Australia

Regardless of the waterways you are trying to fish, you are most likely assured a catch of one or two redfin, the best places to target them are in lakes, dams and reservoirs. In these types of waters you can increase your chances dramatically if you are using a kayak or boat. In rivers however, it will often be a case of tracking down their location, as they often migrate in schools when in river populations.

You can almost be assured that in waters with a large number of smaller ‘bait’ fish, Redfin will often not be easy to catch. This can easily be tested by finding a somewhat weedy section of the river and swiping a landing net through the water to see what has been collected. An over abundance in food supply makes redfin take on a lethargic lifestyle, making them less likely to strike at a lure or bait. Travelling a little further out from these locations will normally be the place you will locate schools of English redfin perch.

As an ambush predator, if travelling alone they often hide at the sides of rivers, usually between fallen branches and in between weed beds. These are the best locations to try out casting some spin lures for redfin, most colours will be suitable to catch them as they tend to act mostly upon the action of the lure rather than anything else. If you are new to fishing however, bring a few spinners, because these areas are also the easiest places to get your lure caught up and snagged off.

A lot of rivers in Australia are located on private land, so bringing waders can be of a big benefit also, if you are planning to travel upstream, the 2 meters beside the river is normally classed as neutral land, meaning it is half owned by property owners, and half owned by the local waterways management (mostly privatised in Australia). Fishing however often has exemptions for river access, so provided you are accessing the waters for fishing purposes, there is little chance of any problems.

You are however, not allowed to pass beyond these 2 meters into someone’s property, unless you have express permission from the land owner. Also not allowed is any damage to foliage present near the banks of the river, along with penalties for leaving behind any rubbish. All rivers in Australia are protected environmentally, including the zone beside each river bank between the river and adjoining property (when privately owned). The rules regarding dumping of rubbish and damage to the environment are expanded when the property adjoining is owned by government agencies, to cover all government (crown) land. Crown land for fishing is strictly for access purposes only, for anyone not fishing, it is provided as recreational grounds for bush walking and other outdoor activities. Note that camping is often heavily regulated to a few small heavily restricted and designated camping locations, unfortunately camping is often not allowed on more than 99% of crown land.

Wading rivers is common in the middle of bushland or into the hills, where public access is extremely limited or no access is available. Of course wading is normally only allowed by a low depth of water, and in some deeper areas you will need to travel by the sides of the water.

Wading is something not many new fishermen consider, however it can be a very effective tool, not only as an extra way to aid travelling along rivers, but also in lakes and reservoirs, as it will allow you to walk a short distance into the waters to cast your bait or lure, giving you more range to cast into the deepest sections, areas where schools of redfin and other predatory fish are most likely to be present.

Yarra River Fishing Victoria

Yarra River Fishing Victoria

Many experienced fishermen swear by wading, even if only a short distance into the water, of course it is not recommended if you have no swimming ability, as deep pockets of water can suddenly catch you off guard.

Winter in Australia is also a time where wading, boating or using a kayak is by far the most productive method of fishing, as redfin and native Australian fish often are not as active during these colder months. They will usually be sitting in a single spot only considering a meal when one is easily presented to them. They won’t be looking to feed anywhere near as often as they would during summer months. So tracking down their location either by wading or by kayak / boat is the only productive means to catch them in wider waters during the cold or frosty days.

If wading or boating is not your kind of thing, South Eastern Australia does have their own wild populations of trout in the smaller streams and more remote reservoirs, which are most active for fishing in winter, so Redfin fishing or targeting native Australian Perch and Murray Cod can always be put on hold in order to focus on trout until summer arrives.

For fishing location information and the types of fish available, the state government fisheries department websites are a great starting point.

Australia also does not experience snow apart from on a very remote few highly positioned mountains, meaning fishing access is not restricted during the midst of winter.

In summer however, the Australian heat can serve a severe shock to the system, especially for European travellers. Between December to March, it is common to have a fair amount of 40+ degrees Celsius days, so packing a lot of water, some sun protection such as a hat and 30+ sunscreen, along with setting up under a tree in the shade if bait fishing, is always required to prevent heat stroke or other problems associated with high sun / heat exposure.

Have you ever wanted to take the chance and fish for halibut in the pristine waters of Alaska? Well, now is your chance with Alaskan Halibut Charter fishing packages available. Alaska Good Time Charters has been operating since 1991 and is just sixty miles from Anchorage in Whittier. 2014 is gearing up to be an exciting year for the company as they are offering:
• Four to six day charters with lodging and meals
• Two to six day charters with lodging and meals
• Day trips
These options allow you to fish for the best halibut in the world and do it on a charter that is packed with everything you need to get started from guided fishing to home cooked meals. The following fish can be caught on these charters:
• Halibut
• Salmon
• Rock fish
• Ling cod
• Salmon sharks (on occasion)
There are also fresh water options for fishing that include:
• Dolly Varden
• Cutthroat
• Trout
• Salmon
The best part is that each group, typically 4 – 6 people, can customize their charter so that they can catch the fish that they want. Choose deep sea fishing for halibut or stream fishing for silver salmon
There are two boats available which will be able to suit smaller and larger parties alike. If you want true luxury, the 50’ M/V Good times is the boat for you. Aboard, guests will find:
• 3 Guest cabins
• 2 walk-in showers
• A large salon
• Covered cockpit
The 40’ M/V Fool’s Gold is a little less luxurious, but it comes at a more affordable price. This ship is meant for parties of 2 – 3.
Those that only want to go out and catch halibut will find that there are options from the end of May until mid-September that can accommodate up to 15 people at once. These charters are only for one day, but they offer all of the fun of a several day charter minus the expense.
Included in the services offered are the following:
• Guided fishing
• Tackle (no fly fishing)
• Bait
• Ice
• Fish cleaning
• Filleting
• Lodging
• Meals

Alaska Good Time Charters
P.O. Box 623
Whittier, AK 99693


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