Fishing Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea

Here’s an adventure in Puerto Rico Fishing the Caribbean Sea and More

If your looking to escape from the everyday “ho-hum” fishing trip, why not the unspoiled waters of the Caribbean Sea?

Just off the south west coast of Puerto Rico you will find the best and largest  Mahi-Mahi fish runs in the world!

There’s offshore saltwater fishing where you’ll find species such as Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and King Mackeral,

Inshore fishing both in saltwater and fresh for popular species like the Peacock Bass, Silver King, Snook, Jacks, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and Tarpon

Wether you get a charter and go after the big boys in the deep ocean, bay , and reefs or choose to spend your time on the shore or one of the many lagoons heavy casting or fly fishing, your sure to find  a one of a kind experience fishing the waters of Puerto Rico


Hire a Charter




Why not try and hire a charter, there are many in Puerto Rico to choose from that are willing to take you to several different areas throughout the Caribbeans. A great idea for the person looking to learn new fishing techniques, in personal experience I’ve learned more from these guys that go out there for a living everyday. They show the public what bait to use , what rigs are best , and of course the various fishing spots and times the fish are running in different areas. Its not only an escape but a fun learning experience as well.


Hire A Guide

Worried about seasickness? No problem, fishing guides are there for you! You’ll get the same experience as you would with a charter but these guys are diverse. Freshwater or saltwater there’s a lot more options and still great fishing without having to go out in the open sea! This is a great way to learn where the honey holes are as well as the different techniques to catch the big ones that are in the the various areas. Pay attention to your guide watch what tackle and bait he uses for different species, notice his technique how shallow or deep he casts,  if he’s floating bait or dropping it on bottom. Pay attention to your surroundings, the rules and regulations and the areas he takes you. This will help you when you decide your ready to go it alone and fish without assistance.

Go Exploring!


Now for the adventurous fisherman, there are so many opportunities.

If you have a boat or kayak try the lagoons, you’ll find several different species that are sure to strike your fancy such as robalo, snook, and peacock bass. All in the same area ready for the taking, and with a nice view as well.

No boat? No problem, there is plenty of surf fishing , fishing from bridges is very popular as well one spot includes the Boca de Congrejo bridge. No car no problem you can fish from behind your hotel at the Caribe Hilton’s back parking lot.

Let’s not forget the piers, because there are plenty available the Pier Punta Santiago in humacao is an extremely great spot to catch horse mackeral. Its also the most comfortable and prepared for sport fishermen in all of Puerto Rico, its designed very spacious, has tables embedded in the columns of the pier that help you bite the bait, and has holes to place fishing rods around the pier.


So wether you prefer saltwater, freshwater, deep sea or lagoon Puerto Rico has a lot to offer for every fisherman. Its one of the only fishing escapes that offer every type of fishing from fly fishing to deep sea trolling, everything is balled up into a fishermans paradise that not only you but the entire family can enjoy. So next time your looking to escape on that one of a kind fishing experience give Puerto Rico a try, you wont be disappointed!

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