Peacock Bass – Florida Fishing Video

Florida bass fishing giant releases a new bassonline TV company video on the Florida Peacock Bass. While there are a few similar video’s none with the underw…

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25 thoughts on “Peacock Bass – Florida Fishing Video”

  1. @fisherfanatic1 Of coarse, we filmed several shows with them over the
    years. They seen copies of the shows to us for our use. We get to use
    theses as we wish, with in reason…this one has great footage, some of the
    best underwater stuff I have seen. Hope you enjoyed!

  2. 5 stars from me! great vid… will the flordia pecocks bust a top water
    (wood chucker) like they use in the amazon? love it…. —check out my
    fishn vids—

  3. the coquina rock shelf is unique to that area and it sets the evirnoment
    for killer fishin’ any- that knows the area can attest to that.

  4. tq for replied… what the Favorited color for peacock bass. here very hard
    to find berkely rattle bait…i always used rapala lure.

  5. @bassmukiepwn Peacock bass arr in many ways like largemouth, they want
    things different not always the same lure or same retrieve. Hard baits are
    the most productive, start with baits you can cover a lot of water with.
    Jerkbaits, rattle traps and of coarse top water plugs. Small swim-baits as
    well as small jigs will work when fish are located and you can target your
    cast. Hope this helps, good luck!

  6. @SuperBassmaster111 Call the guides at 888-629-BASS and they can tell all
    the available trips and rates.

  7. Not completely true, while some areas did get hurt by the cold front we
    have areas that we consistently catch 20 to 30 a day. Most of the lakes
    north of Dade county took the hardest hit. Lakes or canals that do not have
    good depth also were areas that seen the effects of the winter. But the
    areas where the they were stocked are doing just fine by design!

  8. Yea ditto on that, I find that every peacock would only get meaner if you
    grab their bottom lip, i did it all the time 10 years ago as an amatuer.

  9. Funny you ask that, most people don’t know that the best way to hold them
    is by there bellys and not the bottom lip. If you will just cradle the fish
    in the palm of your hand, in most cases they will just lay there while you
    take the hook out. Good luck and good fishing!

  10. @kraziia haha same i have a lake in the back of my house in kendall as
    well, hmm wouldnt be surprised if its the same lake, is it near hammocks

  11. i live in south florida and lately all i have seen is people bringing their
    whole family to private lakes and dropping shiners in dozen after dozen
    until theyve caught every single last peacock that would possibly hit
    anything. it really sucks to see because i dont fish with shiners or live
    bait and these people are ruining the lakes i love to fish.

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