Alaska Fishing Red Salmon and Halibut

Fishing in Alaska. A week of fishing for Red (Sockeye) Salmon and a Halibut Charter in Yakutat, Alaska. Here’s a slightly shorter version of this video: http…
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Check out the facilities and the great fishing at Funny Moose Lodge.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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4 thoughts on “Alaska Fishing Red Salmon and Halibut”

  1. Where do you guys stay when fishing Yakutat? We fish the Kenai river, but
    this video seems like it would be better for taking the kids, much easier
    river to fish just from looking at your vid.

  2. We stay at a place called Skyview B&B. They have like 5-6 rooms with 3-4
    bunks in each room. It’s about $50-60 pp per night. Haven’t seen too many
    kids as you have to hike up to a mile to get to the good spots. But you can
    always hire a guide w/ boat to float down.

  3. Check out the links in the video description to see a shorter version of
    this video, and the 120 pound Halibut video on it’s own.

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