Pier Fishing Panama City Beach

Off shore winds, clear water, calm seas…one of those perfect Florida days. Nephew John and I drove 600 miles on Sportsters just to fish Florida lakes, pond…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Pier Fishing Panama City Beach”

  1. towards the end of the video the kid says “dont put your hand in its mouth
    it will crush it”…lamo!!! they have no teeth and the crushing plates are
    in their throat. That made me laugh for an hour. GOOD catch on a tiny ass
    reel. might have been a small line record.

  2. At the start of this video I was like wow look at this idiot with a zebco
    at the beach, but he did it! I’m very impressed!

  3. I was fishing for bluegill for baitfish at a paylake with a zebco 202… I
    ended up catcing the weeks biggest 30 pound catfish for a cool $300. I
    would say they more than pay for themselves.

  4. Where do you guys get your zebco rods from ? I got the same exact reel a
    zebco 202 and an ugly stik rod and it broke on me while fishing for carp .

  5. Stop bein such an ass man, the guy caught a fish and obvioulsy isnt a
    regular. The man caught a nice red and hade a great time thats all that

  6. Nice catch. My Red was 27″ a Keeper,. but I had to throw some 32, and 33
    inch Reds back. Were going again in May for some more action.

  7. The only think I don’t like about them is you can’t see how much line you
    have as easily as a spinreel or baitcaster.

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