Fish’N Canada – Fishing TV Show – Aluminum benefits

Fish’N Canada – Fishing TV Show – Aluminum Benefits Visit us at / Visitez le

Caught a 50 inch Northern Pike in Canada.

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14 thoughts on “Fish’N Canada – Fishing TV Show – Aluminum benefits”

  1. WOW nice fish. Only a retard would let him go. I can tell you guys were up
    all night celebrating because of the pop. I know i would.

  2. that’s the fucking fish of a lifetime. but, you didn’t have to keep the 50
    incher, you could have made a good replica.

  3. Cool, someone that actually posts a positive comment. By the way it is on
    my wall and it’s NOT a replica.

  4. There were six of us and we did eat them all you douche. Why don’t you do
    something better with your life besides post negative comments to people
    you’ll never meet, you know what I’m talking about?

  5. Cool, another positive comment, he called me a cunt licker. But he started
    with me being a homo? Then cuts himself down by saying the show he loves is
    a piece of shit. Wow, this guy has some writing skills. By the way, his
    videos are great, you should watch them.

  6. man, practice some catch and release. if you caught all those in one day
    you are deffinatly breaking the law.

  7. Dude, if you looked at the vidoes i post, you’d see that those were salmon,
    and on lake michigan theres no limit to how big they can be. And they
    werent trophys, they were eaters. i was talkin about trophy northerns, and
    i dont really care if you make a replica or not, it was just a fuckin
    suggestion ya PMSer

  8. It’s called camp you douche, 1100 miles from home and 200 from
    civilization, kinda hard to get good lighting out there. Have fun sucking
    your orange Cheetos fingers from your couch and watching Reno 911.

  9. Hey homo don’t flip-a-tit. I’m sorry that you didn’t even have one working
    flashlight at your camp or even enough money to by a camera with a light
    built into it. Must of been you first time away from home huh? and by the
    way Reno 911 is a funny ass show. Funny Like the size of that small piece
    of shit fish that you caught there in the dark you cunt licken son of a

  10. And how many fish do you throw back? Too bad the videos you post are of you
    catching them and putting them in your livewell. Show me a video of you
    catching a trophy lake fish and throwing it back and I might have some
    respect for you.

  11. You cry baby, that fish would have been dead as soon as I let it go from
    stress, it’s happened before with smaller fish that we caught and let go up
    there. Plus it swallowed the whole lure, do you think it could digest that
    or is it going to live another awful day because it had 3 hooks in its
    belly. You’d rather me take a bunch of pics and throw it back in the lake
    so it can die? This fish was old, it barely had teeth left. So don’t try to
    be the douche bag environmentalist, you make me sick.

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