Informative Fisherman – Beginner Bluegill fishing

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25 thoughts on “Informative Fisherman – Beginner Bluegill fishing”

  1. Eazzy555 says:

    Lol =D i herd the Ice Cream Truck in the Back ground.

  2. dontmakemegetcha123 says:

    I just catch bluegill to use them as bass bait. works everytime 🙂

  3. jonmarc1980 says:

    great, now I want ice cream

  4. dgonza11 says:

    its kinda weird,but ive caught some hand sized blue gills at the lake with a conventional cat fish rig that has 2 baitholders at the top and a heavy weight under them with no bobber so its just at the bottom

  5. MrBullsh1t says:

    why your hands are shaking?…what’s wrong….you make me can’t break a bread while watching your vid

  6. fatass5036 says:

    Shud have a fish on. Thay are the easyet thing to catch

  7. fatass5036 says:

    Just put a worm on a hook and let it drop in the water and you shuld

  8. NguyenVanThock2185 says:

    @BlueManNUM1 So you line doesn’t twist up to clip on new snell quickly if you dull your hook up.

  9. BlueManNUM1 says:

    what is a swivel used for?

  10. cheweyboy42985 says:

    haha I hear the Ice cream truck, thought it was outside my apartment for a bit. How deep should my bait be, I remember just letting it sink on tot he bottom but is around the middle better?

  11. iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa says:

    Ice Cream truck lol

  12. rockinrondogg says:

    not hurting the worm by breaking off a piece…………lol

  13. BBshooter200 says:

    What kind of rod is that it looks exactly like mine. Mine is a shakespear firebird. But yours looks a little longer mine is only 5’6″.

  14. wilddanny1andjessie says:

    i just use a canepole with a cork,clip on sinker, and a hook with a night crawler on it

  15. InformativeFisherman says:

    me? I have a video on hooks 🙂

  16. InformativeFisherman says:

    Yep they work great, crappie as well.

  17. junglemighty3 says:

    @invader440 oh duhh im so stupid. lol have you ever tryed the subiki rig for bluegill fishing. its about the easiest way to catch all size bluegill. there like 1.33 at wal-mart. But when using it bring some pliers because they swallow the hook thinking its just a normal chum or something but ive caught HUGE bluegill and extremely small ones too ive even caught minnows on it! =]]

  18. invader440 says:

    Nice video. Only thing I do different is to use an ice fishing jig instead of a hook and split shot sinker and my preferred bait is Berkley Crappie Nibbles.

  19. invader440 says:

    Think you are mixed up on your hook sizes. The bigger the number the smaller the hook. A size 2 would be way to big for panfish. Not trying to be a smart a** BTW.

  20. randjfriends says:

    what kind of shakespeare rod is that?

  21. JGatz83 says:

    @PHARRAOH I like this. Its so true my son who is 7 just loves going out fishing.

  22. crazytacostudios says:

    my favorite thing to do with bluegill/crappie is to go out with a zebco 33 with 8pou line with a curly tail grub or rooster tail cast around submerged brush, logs, or large rocks where bluegill can hide.

  23. randomvidsbykevin says:

    i heard the ice cream man

  24. smallyangler123 says:

    also small tube jigs and wax worms work real good

  25. junglemighty3 says:

    good video! Exept theres one thing. When bluegill fishing your gonna want the size 2 hooks from eagle claw. You need that because the bluegills mouths are usually very small and a hook like the one in the video is to big for its mouth. but if you wanna use a hook that big you should cut up the worms and put just a tiny piece like half an inch on the very tip of the hook. But watch your bobber because the bluegill will take the worm and just RUN! But otherwise that great video for begginers! =]]

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