Cabo San Lucas’ Sport Fishing – Opportunities Galore For The Avid Fisherman

Earth is made 70% of water. Besides quenching the thirst of the human beings, across the world, there are several enthusiasts of the water sports. Cabo San Lucas is one place that all real water sports enthusiasts always wish to go.

Here are some exclusive features of the water sports & fishing in Cabo San Lucas:

1. The serene waters & the coastal setting of the Cabo San Lucas attract water sportsmen from across the globe to participate in the place’s mass events & tournaments.

2. These are held right on the ocean front.

3. Even those who are not participating in those mass events can enjoy the experience by investing in the tours & the weeklong trips in the area.

4. This place is an important sport fishing destination featuring a wide range of the targeted species.

5. The place also has a plenty of options for the boat rentals & some very new experiences.

6. Cabo San Lucas is a home for many fleets & the professional teams to get that exclusive sport fishing experience.

7. There are several fleet & charter options offering sport fishing in the Cabo San Lucas.

8. Right from the sport fishing record holders until the first class yachts, this unique fishing destination offers rare & luxurious choices for all sorts of the sport fishing enthusiasts, practicing at any & all skill levels.

9. Some commonly known sport fishing fleets & charters of the area are as follows:

a. Pisces Sport Fishing
b. El Budster: Sport fishing Charter from Salvador
c. Juanita’s Sport Fishing
d. Minervas Baja Tackle
e. Cabo Sport Fishing Fleet
f. Cortez Yacht Charters
g. Bajaboy Sport fishing

10. Some sports enthusiasts also prefer using the private Yacht Charters in their sport fishing expedition at the Cabo San Lucas. The private yacht surely offers a certain level of luxury as compared to the sport fishing boat.

10. Though many sporting people also prefer using a regular fishing boat for the cruise heading towards different ports or the coasts to pick up regular fishing instead.

11. The very known & commonly used private yacht charter associations active in Cabo San Lucas are as follows:

a. Rissalena Bay Cruises
b. Luxury Yacht Rentals
c. Wit’s End Sport Fishing

12. The marinas of Baja California Sur, the rich aquatic-scapes of Cape San Lucas, etc. – the destination of Cabo San Lucas features a saga of locations, coats & the ports that are targeted to varied species.

13. Marlin, a high-prized fish has got great attention of the anglers for decades now. One average sized marlin costs around 250 pounds. To hunt for one of these is indeed a challenge that tests all your skills, determination, & the perseverance.

14. Other commonly targeted species of Cabo San Lucas are as follows:

a. Blue Marlin
b. Striped Marlin
c. Black Marlin
d. Acrobatic Sailfish
e. Billfish
f. Yellow Fin Tuna

15. N number of tournaments & events are held along with the coats of Sea of Cortez & the Pacific Ocean. Here, the setting is just too professional calling all the professional sport fishing groups & teams, and the individuals looking for the fresh water activities.

16. Fish in these areas can reach up to the 250 pound mark.

17. A majority falls in to the 100 to 150 range.

Right from the charter boats to the coastal cruises, the Cabo San Lucas is indeed the top destination for all novice & experienced anglers.

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