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BlueGill Fishing Remote Control Style

Radio Ranger 32″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

My kid says, “I’m going fishing with a remote control boat”!

Now just when I thought I’ve seen every new fishing thing out there, leave it to the younger generation to come up with a novel approach to fishing. I’m just glad to see him outside again instead of in front of the boob tube.

  • 32″ Remote Control ” Radio Ranger” Catch Real Fish!
  • Catch any size fish!
  • Everything included ready to go fishing rc boat!
  • 300 foot range
  • Boat, The RC Fishing Pole, 7.2V-1800mah boat battery, Pistol grip transmitter w/batteries, wall charger, boat stand, extra propellers included

Product Description
Our biggest, This is the 32″ “Radio Ranger” Remote Control fishing boat. It’s almost 3 feet long, that is a big RC Boat for catching fish! The biggest rc fishin’ boat we have!
Catch any size fish with this huge one! The Radio Ranger is great around the dock fishing for little fish, the kids love it! The Radio Ranger can also drive out 300 feet, so for the real fisherman it’s not only a blast, it’s very useful for driving the fishing line out to record distances, an… More >>

“Radio Ranger” 32″ Remote Control Fishing Boat