Best Three Tips to Successful Idaho Steelhead Fishing

Regardless of which task you will be dealing with, having good and sound advice will help you. Using a guide, a “track to run on,” may help greatly to get it done. The three basic tips set forth in the following paragraphs can help you achieve a successful Idaho steelhead fishing. For those who follow these tips you may really be expecting much better outcomes.

While you often have a guide, usually assigned by most Idaho fishing lodges, along when you are fishing for steelhead, it is actually necessary that you yourself have the knowledge to do things right. If you don’t, the outcomes could, in fact, be upsetting. Like any other fisherman, experienced steelheaders have their own methods of landing and catching a lunker.

1. Jigs have to be pink, black, chartreuse, reds and purple. Or, if a jig is not available, just work with a hook with shrimp or sucker meat. You must also have a bobber, which is needed to help keep the jig from getting dangled up in rubble and debris on the bottom level of the stream. Position the bobber to keep the jig approximately six inches to one foot above the stream bottom.

2. Get some steelhead eggs (roe), place them in a red mesh fabric and tie it to the fish hook. Place a sinker about one foot to eighteen inches above the line, so the eggs will float off the bottom. Almost as important as making sure that jigs are of right colors when you’re out for a steelhead fishing is to ensure the eggs and sinker are placed correctly. I am telling you, it’s not something to miss out. It will help you catch the lunker, which is something every person involved in Idaho steelhead fishing desires for.

3. Make use of streamer flies in reds, yellows, pinks, black or orange. Tie some crystal flash in the tail. Woolly buggers or any kind of leach pattern in darker colors should work. Some steelheaders hook a tiny piece of shrimp or night crawler to the hook. As a final point, when fishing you’ll need to be sure to use streamer flies. These flies must be weighted in order to get them near the bottom of the stream, which is also a required component in Idaho steelhead fishing.

Like your fellow steelheaders, your ultimate goal is to catch that big steelhead fish. You certainly can accomplish that goal by paying attention to the lectures of your guide and by being attentive to the strategies in this article.

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