Radio Ranger 32″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

My kid says, “I’m going fishing with a remote control boat”!

Now just when I thought I’ve seen every new fishing thing out there, leave it to the younger generation to come up with a novel approach to fishing. I’m just glad to see him outside again instead of in front of the boob tube.

  • 32″ Remote Control ” Radio Ranger” Catch Real Fish!
  • Catch any size fish!
  • Everything included ready to go fishing rc boat!
  • 300 foot range
  • Boat, The RC Fishing Pole, 7.2V-1800mah boat battery, Pistol grip transmitter w/batteries, wall charger, boat stand, extra propellers included

Product Description
Our biggest, This is the 32″ “Radio Ranger” Remote Control fishing boat. It’s almost 3 feet long, that is a big RC Boat for catching fish! The biggest rc fishin’ boat we have!
Catch any size fish with this huge one! The Radio Ranger is great around the dock fishing for little fish, the kids love it! The Radio Ranger can also drive out 300 feet, so for the real fisherman it’s not only a blast, it’s very useful for driving the fishing line out to record distances, an… More >>

“Radio Ranger” 32″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

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3 thoughts on “Radio Ranger 32″ Remote Control Fishing Boat”

  1. I purchased the radio ranger 32 in. boat as a Christmas present for my fiance who had been looking for such a remote control boat that could be used for fishing. I was hesitant to buy over the internet but I really trust Amazon. My gift arrived two days after purchase. It was quite large but had everything the ad stated. In fact I thought too large, but my fiance loved it. Several days after Christmas before our freeze here in Pa. we took it to a lake and let it fly, it really was fun. My fiance had a question regarding the boat and he called the company and they answered his questions and were very nice. On our first day out with the boat alot of people came up to us to tell us what a great looking boat it was. The men particularly enjoyed watching. In the spring/summer we will try out the fishing pole. Very pleased with this remote control boat and would recommend.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I ordered one of this because Iam are a novice fisherman and I want to take my line further.When I recieved the boat,it has the left side propeller broke,it really dissapoint me.I replaced the propeller with one of the replacing propeller that come with the boat,but the two replacing propellers are for the right side,no one to the left side,I replace it tough.I test it in a river and the boat turn to the left when I press the trigger(it is suposed to go forward).I contact Fish Fun.Co and they answered me all times.Fish Fun.Co has the best customer service.I have the propeller bonded with plastic liquid cement,but FishFun.Co send me a new left side propeller.Thanks,FishFun.Co.

    Thank you Fish Fun.Co to your excellent customer service and for sending me the propeller.Now I can use the boat without any problem.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. We bought this boat for our 7 year old and he loves it. We use it in a creek that doesn’t have a strong currrent and the boat performed great. We didn’t use the fishing pole yet, he just had fun driving the boat all over the place. Battery lasted for about 20 minutes of constant driving.

    This a great company to use too. We ordered it on a Sat. night and received it on Thurs., just in time for our vacation.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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