R/C Fishing Pole/Boat Combo

When I was a kid we never would have imagined this! It’s a remote control boat, and you can go fishing with it. 

We were surfing YouTube for r/c boat videos Friday after school and came across a video about a “Remote Control Fishing Boat” That’s right, remote control boats for fishing; I thought is this for real?  I’m a fisherman and also love r/c boats, why haven’t I ever heard of this.  Turns out Fish Fun Co. makes an item called The RC Fishing Pole, to go fishing with r/c boats! What’s so cool about these is I can drive my line out with the boat and then drop my line where I want, like 400 feet!  With these I can also put my line on the boat and let the boat pull in the smaller fish. Sounds like lots of fun around the dock. They have a 34” RC Boat, ready for fishing called The Radio Ranger that I’m putting on my Christmas wish list. They also have one called Bass Pro, and one called LuckyStrike! For the price of a video game, ($59.95) I’m getting one!  These fishing boats are not only for kids, I can see myself  doing some surf fishing via remote control boats. One more thing about the silly R/C Boat’s “They Really catch’s Fish”!

  • Can catch any size fish.
  • Fish from the shore, dock or a boat!
  • Easy to use
  • Fishing fun for all ages!

Product Description
When youre fishing on a pond or a lake you can drive the R/C Boat around until you catch a fish, watch as the line disconnects and have fun reeling in the big fish! The great thing is the line will come off the boat when a fish hits you can really catch any size fish!
Catching fish is fun with Fish Fun Co.’s new R/C Fishing Boats! This one has twin 380 motors, comes complete with everything you need for a day r/c fishing! Ready to run. Boat comes with high-capacity… More >>

“R/C Fishing Pole/Boat Combo”Ultra Light Fishing with a Remote Control Boat

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