What To Expect During The FLW Bass Tour

The FLW Bass Tour has much to offer anglers that take part in these fishing tournaments. The FLW Outdoor tournament received its name from the famous founder of the amazing Ranger Boats Mr. Forrest L. Wood. It is the largest and most well-known tournament organization located in the world. Thousands of anglers have the chance to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes when they participate in these tournaments.

If you are considering taking part in some of these tournaments then you may be interested to learn what to expect during the FLW Bass Tour. This way you will know ahead of time what benefits these tournaments have to offer. Being a part of the FLW is both fun and exciting and the information below will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Prizes Offered

The pro entry fees for the FLW Series qualifiers and the FLW Tour will be $4,000 and the co-anglers entry fees for these will be $700. The entry fee for the FLW Tour opens will be $5,000 and $800 for the co-anglers. When you consider all the great prizes offered to the winners of these tournaments, you will see these fees are very reasonable.

The upcoming tour promises to be better than ever for the Wal-Mart FLW Tour and the FLW Series tournaments

What to expect during the FLW bass tour.

Instead of the traditional 200 boat field it will now be a 150 boat field.

Pros entering these tournaments must be committed to fishing all six of the

FLW Tour qualifiers or they can not enter.

The top payout for the pros will be $125,000.

The top payout for co-anglers will be $25,000.

Possible Ranger Cup bonuses include $25,000 and $5,000.

The top FLW Tour remains as follows:

Open Payouts for the pros will be $200,000.

Open payouts for the co-anglers will be $40,000.

Possible Ranger Cup bonuses include $50,000 and $10,000.

The $10,000 payouts for pros extend all the way through to the 50th place in the FLW Series tournaments and the FLW Tour.

The prize set aside for the “2010 Forrest Wood Cup” is $2.5 million dollars and each pro that qualifies is guaranteed to earn a minimum of $7,000. There will no longer be a FLW Series Fish-off. Instead, the best 20 pros and co-anglers from the FLW Series BP Eastern Division and the FLW Series National Guard Western Division will go directly to the “2010 Forrest Wood Cup”. Here they will have the chance to win the largest award ever offered for a bass fishing Tour, which is $1 million.

The Stern Series Tournament

The Stern Series tournament will now be three days instead of four days. The pro top award will be $25,000 along with a Ranger Cup bonus that consists of a 198VX bass boat. It will be equipped with a Yamaha or an Evinrude 200 horsepower outboard motor. The co-angler top awards will now be a new Ranger 177TR Yamaha or Evinrude 90 horsepower outboard boat along with a Ranger Cup bonus of $5,000.

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