Fishing In Point Loma – All That You Need To Know About This Sport Spot!

The most popular fish species that is caught in Point Loma is the tuna and this area serves as an excellent breeding ground for the worlds finest tuna. Right from open party boats to charter boats, there is everything in Point Loma that is needed to enjoy and explore the ocean life.

The sport fishing trips offered at Point Loma

Point Loma offers a wide range of options, right from a day tour to twilight trips, to enjoy and explore the waters. One can choose from
• Twilight trips
• Whale watching
• Mini day trips (2-6 days)
• A day tour to Coronado Islands
• Sunset trips

The twilight trips are one of a kind experience. These trips usually begin around 6:30 pm and end at 10:30pm. Fishes like mackerel, yellowtail, bass and barracuda are mostly caught in these trips. 70% of the day tour to Coronado islands starts early morning and passes by Baja coasts and some other offshore areas. During these trips fishes like bonito, White Sea, bass, bass, halibut and rockfish are caught. Yellowfin tuna and dorado become the targets during summer .Whale watching is one of the major tourist attractions in Point Loma. It is usually a 3 hour cruise on a spacious boat. More and more whale watching is becoming popular among sport fishing trips.

Fishing excursions offered in Point Loma.

You could also plan sport fishing in the Pacific Ocean. There are trips which last for half a day on a bottom fishing boat or you could choose the trips which cross the Mexican border.
These fishing excursions consist of:
• Mexican Long -Range fishing which can last from 2 to 21 days. You cross the islands of Guadalupe, San Bonitos, San Martin and Cedros. Albacore, big eye tuna and bluefin are the species that are caught during the trip.

• You can choose the Multi day outer bank fishing if you wish to tour the Northern Baja peninsula. Tuna, dorado and yellowtail are the species that are caught.

• Half day outer bank fishing starts late evening and tour H&M landing and Point Loma.

• Full day trips to the Coronado islands tour over the Fisherman’s landing and Point Loma and target fishes like White Sea bass, bonito, yellowtail and barracuda.

• Overnight bottom fishing trips usually aim catching fishes like red rock cod, sculpin and cow cod.

• Bottom dwelling fishes like bonito, rock cod and barracuda are the main targets during the three-quarter day fishing trips.

• Half day fishing trips starts early morning and last for six hours. It starts from the Imperial Beach and ends at Point Loma.

Usually there are a large number of charters and sport fishing boats that you can choose from and there are a lot of choices for passenger and party groups.

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