GPS Fishing – Benefits Of Using GPS While Fishing

GPS as we all know is a global system that helps you pinpoint your position (or the position of the device) by satellite connections. You could use it any time of the day and in any condition weather.

The satellites in question go around the planet about twice a day, and this is how they help map the users’ exact position on the surface of the planet. Trigonometry calculations are automatically done to give an exact and accurate data of latitude and longitude. These satellites can work hand in hand with other satellites to provide information on speed and distance covered by the device.

When people are on a boat, they sometimes lose concentration while talking to their guests, mates etc and often wander off course. If you are on a fishing trip and are the navigator as well, there are good chances of this happening to you. Imagine letting go of the wheel when you see your rod bend a little. You run to the fishing area and take out a whopping snapper only to realize you’ve gone way off course and are lost. At such a point a global positioning system can instantly put you back on track. These devices are so easy to use that they are as compact as hand held radios today. Check out your boat magazines and bat store for more information on the different models of GPS currently available. Do get a good idea of the different functions that the device promises you, and a good salesman would no doubt be only too willing to share this information with you. Remember that a GPS system needs to be installed in your boat, so do ask the supplier to put you on to a electronics person to do this for you. Many retailers already have staff on their payroll to help you with this issue.

Remember it is foolish to depend solely on one tool to navigate while out on sea especially when you are on your own. Always make sure the radios working, and if you can get hold of a GPS system, why not have it installed as well? Finally, do keep in mind that any electronic tool ca go faulty. Before you go out sailing in the surf, be sure you have your old fashioned maps and compasses as well. A GPS system is highly accurate and time saving but you could still need to resort to the old fashioned compass and maps should the device fail to power up due to whatever reason. Electronics devices usually are damaged by heat, water and humidity. These are all available in excess on any boat, so it is not uncommon to hear of a damaged GPS system.

That said and done, it is not as if they fail all the time either. We are simply pointing out the importance of the basics, even if technology does promise to do our homework for us.

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