A Guide to the Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

The benefits of fish oil supplements are probably the best known of all dietary supplements, containing omega3 and rightly so. Here I will outline the main ones and how to get the maximum health impact from them.

The most well known is its anti-inflammatory properties including protection against heart disease. The omega 3 fatty acids in the oil help to prevent the blood from clotting and also reduce the fats related to cholesterol, saving thousands of lives each year and one of the most important of all the benefits of fish oil supplements.

This is one of the biggest killers in our society today and part of the reason for that is many people don’t realize they have it until it’s too late. This is why the preventative measure of a daily capsule is so important, whether you eat fish regularly or not.

Other benefits are lower blood pressure and help with skin ailments like acne and psoriasis. Recent research shows us that the DHA in omega 3 fatty acid is more important than EPA and vital to keep our brain healthy and boosting our brain power!

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people are not getting enough omega 3 and these days we are advised not to eat too much fish because of the toxins they contain, hence the warning to pregnant women to only have two portions a week.

So the benefits of fish oil supplements are nothing short of amazing, but finding the right one is crucial as many are very poor in quality and overpriced.

Any supplement you buy should be pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled to remove all of the contaminants like mercury, concentrating the oil and still leaving it in its natural form so the body can absorb it easily.

Look at the website or label to see the actual DHA and EPA quantities. If you can find it, avoid the product.

For example the one I take has 28% DHA and 12% EPA content, with half of the total oil amount being omega fatty acids. Purity is also key to get the most benefits of fish oil supplements and to avoid those fishy burps, and again this one is taken from Hoki and Tuna fish from the pristine waters of southern New Zealand.

Adding these to your daily routine could be one of the best and cost-effective health investments you could ever make, helping you to maintain optimal health for now and the future too.

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