Discover The Amazing Benefits of the Best Fish Oil Concentrate

For many years now we have been advised by governments and health bodies to make sure we get enough fish oil concentrate or omega-3 fatty acids. With more discoveries being made all the time and some very high quality supplements out there, now is the time to discover them.

Incredible health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease and strokes, which saves millions of lives each year, and reducing blood clotting are the most well known. But fish oil concentrate can also help with skin ailments like acne and psoriasis, lowers the bad cholesterol and helps to maintain optimal blood pressure. The DHA fatty acid also helps with brain development as much of the brain is composed of them.

The main benefits come from the omega-3 fatty acids, the two most important being DHA and EPA. It is vital to have these levels listed separately on the label or website, otherwise the quality is likely to be poor.

The DHA fatty acid has been shown now to be the most important, so a higher level of this is vital. The supplement I take contains 1000mg of oil of which half is made up of these fatty acids. A full 28% is DHA and 12% is EPA. I have found nothing that comes close to this.

Purity is also a factor in gaining the full health benefits as many are fished from polluted waters and not molecularly distilled, which is the process where the toxins like mercury and PCB’s are removed leaving just the natural fish oil concentrate.

The purest ones come from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean of New Zealand, reputed to be the cleanest ocean on earth, and from Hoki and Tuna fish.

Lastly check that the supplements are in their ester or natural triglyceride form, not the synthetic version. This natural form is ready to be absorbed by the body immediately without the need to convert it further, so again check the details carefully.

As you can see, once you know what to look for, you can go straight for the highest quality fish oil concentrate and know you are getting the maximum health benefits.

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Discover the best fish oil concentrate today.

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