Best Fish Oil Supplement – How to Find the Best Fishoil Omega3 For Safety and More Benefits

You need to do your home work well if you want to find the best fish oil supplement among the multitude of brands on the market. Always remember that the dietary supplements industry is not really regulated; therefore, majority of the brands out there are sub-standard. However, if you know what to look for, you will surely find the right brand.

Fish oil is the best source of omega3; hence, its importance to your health cannot be over-emphasized. It helps to keep you in good health because it strengthens your immune system; it also keeps your heart healthy and boosts your brain functions among other health benefits.

The problem with fishoil is that of toxins such as mercury, lead, PCBs and other heavy metals; fish contain toxins gotten from the polluted oceans. So, if you want to avoid toxic poisoning, you need to buy a supplement that is properly purified; molecular distillation is the method that ensures that the toxins are removed from the oil. Hence, the best fish oil supplement is one that is molecularly distilled.

The benefits of omega-3 are derived from DHA and EPA; however, DHA is more important because research shows that dha can be turned to epa when your body needs it, but the opposite is impossible. the best fish oil supplement should contain at least twice the amount of dha than epa; the minimum recommended amount of dha per 1000mg of fishoil capsule is 250mg.

Research shows that most diseases are caused by inflammation; hence, the more inflammatory properties your fishoil contains the more benefits you will derive from it. The anti-inflammatory properties in the brand I personally take are two half times more than the normal fishoil. The high anti-inflammatory properties are due to the fact that it is made with a special blend of hoki and tuna fish oils; it also contains natural vitamin E and rosemary extract as preservatives.

Now that you know how to find the best fish oil supplement, I hope you will henceforth make the right choice when you shop; you can also visit my website for more information on omega3 fish oil.

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