Fish Oil Omega 3 – The Important Information That Will Help You Find the Best Fish Oil Supplements

There are so many brands of fish oil omega 3 out there on the market; they are virtually found every where, from the drug stores to the internet. The truth is that most of these brands are of poor quality. It is important to note that the supplement industry is not regulated; hence, the number of substandard brands is really high. So, if you really want to find a quality brand, you need o know the attributes to look for.

The importance of fish oil omega 3 cannot be overemphasized; it helps to keep diseases at bay because it promotes your immune system. It is also beneficial for many health conditions such as heart disease, brain conditions, arthritis, diabetes and crohn’s diseases.

Studies show that 30% of human brain is made up of dha omega3 and its deficiency has been linked to brain related problems such as depression, hyperactive behaviors in children, Alzheimer’s and anxiety disorder. The good news is that, regular consumption of omega3 has also proven to help combat these problems.

You need quality fish oil in order to maximize the benefits of omega 3; hence you should look for brands that contain high amount of dha. Although dha and epa are important, research shows that dha is more important; it can easily be converted to epa by your body but the opposite is just impossible.

Research also shows that most diseases are caused by inflammation; so, taking fish oil supplement that contains high anti-inflammatory properties will benefit you more. The brand I personally take is a blend of oils from hoki and tuna fish; this unique combination is proven to contain more than two and half anti-inflammatory properties than ordinary fishoil.

Most fish oil omega 3 supplements contain impurities such as mercury, pesticides and other heavy metals because of the polluted waters in which the fish are caught. Therefore, you need to buy a brand that is well purified through the process of molecular distillation.

Fish oil omega 3 is good for your health; however for efficacy and safety, ensure that you buy a brand of supplement that is molecularly distilled and high in dha.

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