Required Saltwater Fishing Tackle List

Every good angler has a variety of tackle that they have been collecting for years. Different types of tackle are required for freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you are new to fishing and in the process of getting started there are a few necessities you will need to begin your collection.

Your tackle is very important if you want to be a successful angler. It is the only connection you have with the fish and one of the main things that will be the difference between being a good angler and a great one. If you are having problems catching or reeling in the fish it may be due to poor quality tackle or a bad selection.

You need to also be aware that there is a big difference between freshwater and saltwater tackle. The salt air and water can damage and corrode freshwater tackle causing them to become useless very quickly. You will find yourself replacing the tackle quite often which can get expensive after awhile.

Saltwater tackle is designed especially for this type of environment and will not corrode or rust. However, you do need to understand that even if the tackle is designed for saltwater use, it still needs to be rinsed off with freshwater after each use to prolong its life.

Take the time to do a quick clean-up after each use to keep your tackle like new for a very long time. It only takes a few minutes to do and it makes a huge difference.

List of Saltwater Tackle

If you are filling your tackle box for the very first time you may not know exactly what items you should buy. Here is a list of saltwater tackle that every angler needs to get started.

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Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials used for the tackle above and it is suggested that you collect a variety of them. You never know for sure what mood the fish will be in or what size you will encounter. Therefore, having a variety to choose from can make all your trips more productive and fun.

After you acquire the basic tackle to get you started you can begin adding some of the extras that you always wanted.

Tips for Using Saltwater Tackle

Having good quality tackle is not the only thing that is important, you need to know what to use and when. The size of your tackle is a major issue.

Use tackle that is too big and the fish will swim past ignoring you only to take the next guys bait. Use tackle too small and you could miss out on the chance to reel in some of the larger fish in the area. They will ignore the smaller bait and go for a good size meal.

If you plan on going surf fishing keep in mind that it requires heavier gear than inshore fishing and deep-sea fishing means breaking out the big stuff.

Therefore, it is recommended that you plan ahead for the type of fishing you intend to do and take the tackle that is best suited for the job. Then have a variety of each one of these readily available to enhance your fishing trips and ensure you have the right tackle for every occasion.

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