Shark Fishing Techniques For Anglers

Saltwater fishing usually includes fishing for sharks. The shark is a fascinating creature that gets lots of attention from anglers.

There are different species of shark that are sought after by anglers for both the sport of fishing and for food. They do taste great and they can put up an amazing fight making their popularity grow. In some locations you can fish for sharks from the beach area so even anglers without boats can join in on the fun and adventure of shark fishing.

This is an exciting species of fish that can be very alluring yet evasive. It takes time and lots of patience to go shark fishing. It is unlike any other type of fishing and requires skill to catch and reel in this unusual fish species.

You need some unique shark fishing techniques to help you get the most out of shark fishing and the information below should help you out.

Where and When to Go Shark Fishing

To get started shark fishing you need to know where and when to go. When deciding where to go shark fishing there are two things that you need to look for. One is the water temperature and the other is structures. Sharks are located in different parts of the ocean depending on what species you are searching for and the time of year you go.

Normally, they are offshore creatures that swim deep in the oceans but they do move inland to find warmer waters when they are ready to mate with other sharks, lay eggs or give live birth. The best advice is to learn as much about the species of fish you intend to go after as possible. This will give you a great advantage.

Most any structure will make a great home for sharks. They will hover around dips in the sea floor, around rocks, small islands and so forth. Get a map of the area where you are fishing and learn where the structures are before you go out. The best time to start shark fishing is in March all the way through September in most locations.

This is the time of year that the water temperature warms up enough to where they start coming closer inshore. However, right in the middle of the summer when it is the hottest they will move offshore into the cooler waters then back inland as the shallows begin to cool back down to a more moderate temperature.

Bait, Tackle and Techniques for Shark Fishing

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment, tackle or bait to go shark fishing. Your main concern should be quality gear that will withstand the elements and the struggle the sharks will put up.

When you go shark fishing you will need to have heavy tackle because the sharks are strong and will put up a struggle. Circle hooks are recommended for the best results and it doesn’t hurt to carry a variety of rods and reels with you on each trip.

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