Discover the Amazing Impact a Daily Fish Oil Supplement Can Have on Your Health and Vitality

It’s not surprising that fish oil supplement products are the most popular of all right now, with years of research showing us the amazing benefits to be had. But with a flooded market how do you select the right one? Let me show you.

To get the benefits from omega 3 fish oil supplements like prevention of heart disease and strokes, lowering of cholesterol and high blood pressure and maintaining excellent brain health and proper functioning for starters, it is essential to select a high quality oil.

This is further emphasized by one of the world’s leading health experts who says that consuming more omega-3 fats is probably the single most important dietary change that most people could ever make to improve their health, with 9 out of 10 of us not receiving enough.

Don’t make the mistake of buying cod liver oil, as it is now known to contain high amounts of vitamin A and D both of which can be toxic in large doses and not the best sources anymore.

The main factor here is the amount of the most important omega 3 you are getting. Of the two main ones, DHA and EPA, DHA is by far the most beneficial and recent studies prove this beyond doubt. You will see that most on the market today have much higher EPA levels as it is cheaper to make and the companies are not up to date on the latest research.

More excellent benefits are being found all the time with a high quality fish oil supplement including improved eyesight, help for diabetes sufferers and recently from the University of California showing how omega 3’s may help in the fight against breast cancer.

So as well as a high DHA content, look for the purest oils, like those from Hoki and Tuna fish and fished from the cleanest waters, like Alaska and New Zealand. An important process is molecular distillation to remove dangerous toxins like mercury and lead and leave only the pure concentrated oil. Many products have not undergone this and may contain these toxins, so check the label or website carefully.

High quality supplements will have no detectable odor and not need an enteric coating on them as they should be absorbed in the stomach. You can test this by breaking open the capsule and smelling it; there should only be a faint ocean smell, nothing more.

I hope this brief guide helps you to select the very best fish oil supplement, and that you will make a point to include this amazing oil into your daily diet to maintain optimum health now and for the future too.

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