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San Antonio Fishing Guide, D’s Fishing Trips Online, Kevins Trip: Part 1

Calaveras Lake, Texas. Aug, 10th. This is the start of one great fishing trip! Caleb starts the trip off, we decide to catch a few monster redfish while wait…
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Bob Holmes Texas Pro Fishing Guide on Richland Chambers Lake

www.texasfishingguide.net 214-728-3310 Sand bass fishing in East Texas with Pro Fishing Guide Bob Holmes on Richland Chambers Lake. A fun and informative video! A rare cold front (in August!..in Texas!) and a huge thunderstorm shattered the hopes of catching the bigger sandbass, but we caught tons of the smaller ones!
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There’s nothing better than a day on the water with Captain Mark, if you enjoy fishing. As the video depicts, each time we go, a great time is had by all, even on tough days like this. The wind blew, it was cold but Captain Mark put Coach and Will on fish and they even put a few in the boat. Captain Mark Dravo is a Coast Guard certified charter boat captain and river guide from Fort Pierce, Florida. This guy knows how to catch fish, but even more importantly, he’s a great guy to know and a riot to be around. YB Normal Fishing is the real deal! Whether you are a Florida resident or are searching for the best Snook, Trout and Redfish charters for your next vacation, Captain Mark is worth the phone call. For more information visit his website: www.y-bnormalcharters.com
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Grassroute Guide $23.99 E-Book and $6.99 Video Download

New Products listed 12/09 120 pg How-To E-Book & 45 min download video. There’s an explosion of local group organizing to independently meet community need. Strong ad copy, graphics, free videos and articles. In depth website: www.grassrouteguide.com
Grassroute Guide $23.99 E-Book and $6.99 Video Download

The Essential Guide to Raising Healthy Koi

Discover a realistic, user-friendly way to create and maintain a stunning koi pond to suit your budget, time and space, with thriving, happy, healthy koi fish. Step-by-step, easy to follow ebook + 3 bonuses.
The Essential Guide to Raising Healthy Koi

Betta Lovers Guide.

Learn How To Make Your Betta Into The Most Cared-for, Happy, And Safe Fish In The World.
Betta Lovers Guide.

Starting The Koi Hobby – A Step-By-Step Guide

A comprehensive Koi Fish How To Guide. Step by step ebook to creating and maintaining the perfect Koi pond for healthy fish. Affiliate tools and affiliate training available at http://thekoifishclub.com/affiliate.html Site is optimized for conversions.
Starting The Koi Hobby – A Step-By-Step Guide

Canadian Fly In Fishing And Hunting Guide

Vacations come in all shapes and sizes; some people enjoy going from a museum to an exhibit to a gallery; others like to soak up the heat on a beach in the Caribbeans; while others prefer to avoid the scores of people entirely and go after some game. For those Canadian Fly in Fishing and Hunting is the best choice. I will share with you what you can expect, what you should bring, what you should avoid, and which companies you should plan your trip with. You can think of this as a Canadian Fly in Fishing and Hunting Guide.

My name is Jeremy Wadford, I’ve been fishing all over North America and over the past few years I have been on a couple of those fly in fishing trips to Canada. I enjoyed it; caught some walleye, lots of pike and a 28lb trout!

I’m telling you, this was a great trip and you should go! Leave your wife, your kids at home, take your buddies and fly in to Canada for a week to have the best fishing and hunting time ever. Seriously, ever! This is unlike any weekend trip out of town. The feel is completely different when you cross the border to hunt and fish in Canada.

What To Expect On Your Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip

It’s a good idea to do your research first. There are 2 main companies that you can plan your trip with (see “Who To Plan Your Canadian Fly-In Fishing Trip With” below), and the staff at each one is well prepared to make your fishing trip an amazing one; so expect to be well taken care of.

Expect a boat and motor, solar-powered lighting, hot and cold running water, showers, fully equipped kitchens and comfortable furniture. The Clean Cabin Deposit (typically $100) guarantees you well maintained cabins with ample room for up to 8 adults. As a rule satellite telephones for emergency use are provided, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that they do have them at all their cabins, or at least at the cabin you’ll be staying in.

When we planned our first Canadian fly in fishing and hunting trip we found that a lot of the following things were provided to us:

Wide, heavy duty 14″ Alumarine boats with swivel seats
6 – 15HP motors and unlimited gas
Marine safety equipment (emergency kits)
Landing nets
Minnow buckets
Life vests/life jackets (they are mandatory, and whenever they are not included, they are available for rent)
Kitchens with cooking and eating utensils (pots, pans, plates, knives, forks, etc.)
Large propane refrigerators, stoves and freezers
Solar powered lights
Backup propane lights
High pressure solar water system with hot and cold water
Shower and urinal
Wood burning stove for heating
Screened-in porches, 200 square foot decks /w benches
Covered area with propane and Charcoal BBQ
Fish cleaning areas with running water
Satellite phones accessible to each camp
Flight checks of our camp (should we need it, assistance would be quick)
Wooden walkways from dock to cabin

*When you plan your trip, read carefully what is provided, and where, because while the above is pretty much standard, we misread the provided features and learned only after-the-fact that some items are provided in select cabins. While I expected the items I listed below, they were unavailable to the cabin we booked. So for our next Canadian fly in fishing trip we will book the cabin with the following provided:

Canned pork & beans
Canned corn
Canned green beans
Canned fruit cocktail
Ketchup, mustard, relish
Flour & sugar
Salt & pepper
Dish soap & bleach
Mr. Clean, S.O.S. & garbage bags
Paper towels & toilet paper

Any problems with equipment you can expect to be taken care of quickly. The guys running the place really want to leave you with a Canadian fly in fishing experience you will brag to your pals about, so they are quick to fix your motor, provide you with gas and help you out in every possible way. When I went, they marked our map and spend some time with us to help us along, before we headed into the lake.

What To Bring On Your Canadian Fly In Fishing Trip

First remember that whichever company you chose, you are almost guaranteed plane transportation in and out of camp from Red Lake. This means that there will be certain limitations on how much you can bring. The limit is most likely to be 100 lbs per person. The weight restrictions are very strict, so plan your fishing trip well!

The bare minimums include duffel bag or backpack for personal gear including clothing, 1 sleeping bag (or blanket), 1 tackle box and 1 small cooler for the boat. A total of 4 items per person and that should be it for a total weight of 60 pounds per person.


Warm clothing and rain
Mosquito coils
Insect repellent and sunscreen
Sleeping bag or blankets (pillows are often provided)
read more

Read the Complete Canadian Fly In Fishing and Hunting Guide HERE

Amateur angler with over two decades of experience

World of Warcraft How To Fish Guide

Your goal with WoW fishing may be to level fast or to go a little slower and make more gold. No matter how you approach it knowing where to go to do the best fishing is ideal for both leveling and making gold. This World of Warcraft Fishing guide will show you how to level to 225 Artisan.

It’s difficult to say how much longer leveling to create gold will take but at a few extra hours. Also cooked fish will sell for more gold so the Cooking profession goes truly well with the fishing profession. You’ll be able to train for both at a similar time.

Discover The Most Powerful Leveling Guides In The World >>>

This WoW fishing guide is for those who are already Journeymen. Check out one more World of Warcraft fishing guide to get from Apprentice to Journeyman.

Master WoW fishing: Travel to 1 of the three oases at The Barrens

So as to progress to Master level you may initial have to be at 75 as a Journeyman. At this skill level you possibly can catch less junk and a lot more fish. Deviate Fish are what you are looking to catch in at this stage. The Shiny Bauble lure is ideal until you reach level 75. With this lure you may a lot less junk.

There’re 2 fishing strategies it is possible to use within the Barrens. Firstly you could fish within the Wailing Caverns. Close to 30% of the fish will be Deviate Fish, but you’ll level quicker basically since you won’t require to move around. It also offers very good cover for Alliance players who’ll need to be cautious since you are in Horde territory.

The second strategy will allow you to catch 80% Deviate fish instead of just 30%. Like a result you’ll be able to produce a lot more gold. For this technique you need to fish one particular of the oases. Of course the down side is it’ll take nearly twice as long to level just simply because you are going to will need to move close to a lot more.

Expert and Artisan Level:

In order to reach Expert level that is 125-150 or Artisan level which is 200-225 you can expect to have to have to locate a fishing trainer. You can expect to have to have to leave The Barrens and go to Stranglethorn Vale if you’re an Alliance player. Appear for trainer Myizz Luckycatch, in Booty Bay. On the other hand if you are playing Horde you will need to head to the southern coast of Durotar and look for the trainer Lau’tiki may be found on Durotar’s southern coast. You could also use the same trainer as the Alliance just one but the a single in Durotar may perhaps be closer.

Leveling up to Grand Master fishing level is beyond this World of Warcraft fishing guide but there are some good ones out there that include maps to the best fishing spots.

Over the months of research, I have found one “effective” Wow Leveling Program Known for its World Famous In-Game Leveling Guides with no complicated instructions

For More Detailed Information on Finding The Best Alliance & Horde Leveling Guides  with Effective Methods that actually work!. Visit The WoW Fast Leveling Guides. I can help guide you towards finding a lasting solution.

Alaska Fishing Guide ? Your Key to Successful Fishing

Fishing is an exciting hobby. If you love fishing and plan to have an Alaska experience, the best thing that you can do is to hire an Alaska fishing guide. The following are things that a guide can offer:

1. They will bring you to the best fishing spots.

2. For novices, they try to impart some knowledge with regards to the basic of fishing.

3. They suggest fishing tools that is suitable for the type of fish that you want to catch.

4. They are the best source of information about the place.

5 Give you 100% security while fishing.

6. There are times that they will serve as the charter captain that will sail you to fresh waters of Alaska.

7. Alaska fishing guide is sometimes covered with the vacation package that you avail.

8. They will share their techniques in getting the big catch, they are fishermen by heart.


Considering the duties of a fishing guide, the best place to search is online. It is essential because they are the ones that will serve as your eyes during the fishing trip. Without a guide there are tendencies that you won’t enjoy your vacation. In order to explore the whole place, don’t hesitate to ask them. They can be your friend. Not only beginners will love to seek the help of Alaska fishing guide. For some that are not hooked with fishing, they can also hire guide that will tour them around the place.


With Alaska fishing guide, you will know the right fishing equipments that is best for your trip for example is the fishing rods or baits. These stuffs serve as the basic components of fishing. The most significant thing that you must do is always ask for help. If you are fond of asking, the next time you visit the place, there’s no need for you to hire a guide. Be good to your tour guide, so that they will give you the right treatment. It is also your obligation to create a nice atmosphere with them in order for you to enjoy the vacation.


While fishing, you can be oriented with the types of fish that exist in the waters of Alaska. you can run after the salmon, halibut and etc. some fishermen prefer salmon because it is not seasonal, however, if you want to seek great achievement, you will chase for halibut because its typical size is about 75-100 pounds compared to king salmon that weighs at about 20 to 70 pounds. If you want something ordinary, you can have red salmon for meals.


In the fishing lodge, you are allowed to cook for yourself. The chef can also do the preparation for you. So while staying in Alaska, make the most of your time. Explore beautiful places, sail the best fishing spots and enjoy the wildlife. You have to enjoy what you pay for, remember that vacation is a back off from all the pressures of work, so have fun!

Chris Hanson is an expert in Alaska Fishing Guide. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out www.sitkacharters.com.

Fly Fishing Magazine – Your One Stop Guide

So now that you know about fly fishing, let’s talk about fly fishing magazine, where to get it, how to get it and what are the benefits or information you could get from it. Without a doubt, fly fishing is now becoming a fast-growing hobby, pastime or even sport to everyone. How it is done? Basically, it is about catching a fish through using an artificial bait or fly. There are two kinds of bait: synthetic and natural. However, there are some who would mix the two materials together in order to create more attractive bait for the target fish. This is more convenient that the old way of fishing where worms are being used as baits since some aren’t into making worms as their baits. At present, with fly fishing being born, everyone could start learning how to fish and they could do it anywhere with a body of water with some fish inside it. Since there is a demand for fly fishing these days, people are more than eager to get as much information about it and it could be found in reading magazines or books. However, fly fishing magazines are more preferred since it gives much better information for fly fishing enthusiasts. Magazines are more updated in terms of giving out techniques and tips to everyone who likes fly fishing. Also, it is an outlet wherein they could share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. It is also a god source for getting information about the best fishing sites and it provides information on the things that a fly enthusiast must need.

Fly fishing magazines are good source of information not just to fly fishing hobbyists but to those who are first-timers and those are interested to try it. Through reading the magazine, one would be able to have a background or general idea as to what fly fishing is all about. The fly fishing magazine also provides information about resorts in your area, the best fishing spots, what sort of fish you could get in a specific area and what time of the year does it show up since fishes are seasonal and other important information that one has to know.

There are a lot of updates on techniques that could be found just by reading fly fish magazines. Example of which is that, just like in fishing in cold water, one must use wading boots for insulation and of course safety. But with the technology that we have today, boots now have a personal floatation device which is inflatable for streams that are deep. Also, it is through magazines that we could figure out which products are better to use and where to purchase them.

There are some fly fishing magazine that could serve as a platform for queries about fly fishing, fishermen and fishing enthusiasts that could help you solve your problems by providing instructions and solutions.
So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to have a fly fishing vacation or make fly fishing your new hobby, go to the nearest bookshop and purchase a fly fishing magazine.

Check out more about fly fishing with a fly fishing magazine…Everything you want to know are featured in fly fishing magazine!

Alaska Salmon Fishing Guide – Your Fishing Rescue

Most of us are not familiar whenever we go to a place to enjoy vacation. Just like Alaska, you are required to hire a guide for you to check out the place.  All over the world, Alaska is noted for its best fishing areas. If you are new in the place and want to have the experience, you can seek help from the Alaska salmon fishing guide. You can find out different fishing strategies in catching the biggest salmon in Alaska. They will teach you how to catch salmon in an easier manner. Most of the fishing guides are fishermen by profession. So they will never get bored even if you want to go fishing every day.


Safe fishing is also one of the objectives of Alaska salmon fishing guide. They will suggest activities where you can enjoy most. While fishing, you can also enjoy the thrill of looking at the fantastic views of the place. Probably, you are familiar with the fish like salmon and halibut. Since you prioritize catching salmon, you have to consider different varieties, the first one is the king salmon or known as the Chinook, this kind is the largest, and it measures at around, 20 up to 70 pounds, it is the most wanted fish of fishermen. Next is the silver salmon or the Coho, it is the average type that weighs 8 up to 12 pounds. Sockeye is also a type of salmon that is commonly referred to as the red salmon, it id\s the most delicious among its kind.


If you really wish to make out of your vacation, you have to consider the help of an Alaska salmon fishing guide. They serve as your instant rescues if you have no idea about the things needed in fishing they will always lend a helping hand to you. Majority of the fishing guide are also captains of the charter boats.  Well, that’s a sign that you can really enjoy your stay, because they can lead in the place wherein you can have the big catch. There are times that guides I covered by the package that you avail, but if you haven’t got one, you can also have an online research about the fishing guide in a certain resort or fishing lodge. So as you come back for the next vacation, you know where to go, but this thing isn’t possible if you don’t pay attention with the information given by the guide.


Alaska salmon fishing guide is the key to a successful trip, they can create or break your trip, so you have to be choosy with the fishing guide that you hire. Make sure that it is well-recommended by the resort. You can enjoy knowing new ideas with them especially when it talks about fishing, remember that your guide is sharing the same passion with you, so you will never go out of place. Just enjoy the experience and be challenge to get the big catch.

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Chris Hanson is an expert in Sitka Fishing Charters. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out http://www.sitkapointcharters.com/.

West Central Michigan Fishing Map Guide

  • Color Contour Fishing Maps
  • Highlighted Fishing Spots and techniques
  • Local fishing guide fishing tips
  • Fish Stocking and Survey Data
  • Access Locations and Accommodations

Product Description
BRAND NEW!!! REVISED IN 2007!! Lake maps and fishing information for over 180 lakes in Ionia, Kent, Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Missaukee, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, and Wexford Counties plus Lake Michigan. “A great source of information for planning your fishing vacationÉ The guide goes into detail about the best hotspots and techniques on your favorite destination.” – Mike Gnatkowski, Michigan Sportsman… More >>

West Central Michigan Fishing Map Guide

Fishing Heaven’s Lodging Guide – Alaska

The fishing heaven of the United States – Alaska is known for its abundance of fish and fishing facilities. Here is where your dreams of catching the largest salmon of the world known as The King Salmon might come true. Don’t forget to add the trout, herring, pike and sturgeon to name some. The most rewarding experiences of all are the amazing lodging experiences at Alaska. The sheer beauty and environmental serenity all round the year is an added advantage for all visitors. As you set foot here, you feel the crisp, fresh air put a new vigor into your very soul. Even the air is different.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover the excellent lodging facilities at Alaska with all its modern amenities. Add to it the fly fishing adventures and it’s calculated to make your visit a fruitful and wonderful memory. Some of the best reviewed places to look around are the Lower Cook Inlet, Bristol Bay and Cooper River where you can find a wide range of salmon in addition to the trout. You can also explore Southeast Alaska famous for salmon spawning and an ideal location to fish during the winters which are very mild. The best areas to find the trout, burbot, char and pike are the western suburbs and the arctic regions.

Due to the year round rush in Alaska, it is always wise to plan the visit well ahead and then make the lodge reservations with a phone call or through the Internet at your favorite locations. The rush-hour being the summer and spring seasons, all the anxious anglers hunting for the King Salmon must choose their spots and reserve them in advance to avoid any inconvenience later. Although there is no dearth of lodges in Alaska, there are quite a few alternatives as well and you can set up a camp or put up tents in serene remote locations which provide privacy and the adventure of the wild amidst the mystic beauty of the nature that abounds. Late comers can always call up and get a room as there usually is accommodation available though not maybe in the exact location that you might want. For the wild ones, of course, there’s the wide open spaces that beckon and camping out has its own rugged charm.

There are many tour guides available in the city to offer their services to new comers. Not only do they guide you to the best locations, some of them will even teach you the art of fly fishing or give you tips on how to improve your techniques. These areas have been known to make many a man’s dreams come true with actual catches of over-50 pound salmon! If you’ve dreamed of that very big fish you want to catch, this is where you have to head.

It does not matter even you’re not an expert or don’t catch anything. An Alaskan tour will etch itself into your memory with its magnificent landscapes and friendly locals. The serenity of the place, comfortable yet affordable lodging facilities, abundance of fish and the friendly atmosphere makes an Alaskan trip a memorable journey of the lifetime.

More information on Alaskan Fishing Holes
fishing holes

Basic Guide To Fishing In China

A fishing vacation is never complete without fishing in the waters of Hong Kong, China. You may explore the fishing realms that the region has to offer. Hong Kong has once been known as an excellent port for fishing enthusiasts. Hong Kong will offer you the kind of fishing that you will never forget.

People may be after the food, shopping and the tourist spots of the region. But for people who are into fishing, Hong Kong can give more than what is expected of it as a city. To fish in Hong Kong is very exciting. You will be able to learn and experience the methods of fishing they have in Hong Kong.

Since it is surrounded by an ocean, this explains why most people fish in saltwater in Hong Kong. Targeting a fish is very simple. The ocean and the harbors are very accessible. You can fish in the harbors of Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwun Tong or the Hong Kong Island.

In Hong Kong, saltwater fishing is done everywhere in the surrounding ocean. There has never been a scarcity of fish in this region. You will find fish everywhere in the water. Tourists who come to fish can also visit Stanley, which is near Hong Kong. Stanley will be perfect for you if you are someone who wants peace, enjoy fishing quietly and away from the city life.

The Lamma Island and Sai Kung peninsula and are also spots recommended by local Anglers. These two places still have the features offered by a traditional fishing village. They also provide people with charter boats.

The Anglers in Hong Kong use the same saltwater fishing techniques that are used in the US. You can use your own techniques even if it’s deep sea fishing or surf fishing. Many people also use bloodworms or shrimps to catch fish.

Hong Kong, also provides fresh water fishing. Carp, Big Head Tilapia, and Edible Goldfish are the types of fish that you will catch in these water reservoirs. Tourists, however, have a difficulty trying the Freshwater fishing since they still need to supply a license to fish in Hong Kong.

Going to Hong Kong to fish does not require much planning for a fishing trip. You will be able to track down easily the hot spots of Hong Kong where you can enjoy fishing. Hong Kong is surrounded by water, which means that fishing is everywhere. You will be surprised that in a matter of hours, you are able to catch a bucketful of pan-sized fish.

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Northern Wisconsin Fishing Map Guide – Vilas

  • Color Cotour Fishing Maps
  • Highlighted Fishing Spots and techniques
  • Local fishing guide fishing tips
  • Fish Stocking and Survey Data
  • Access Locations and Accommodations

Product Description
*Temporarily out of stock*

Eagle River, St. Germain and Boulder Junction weren’t quite enough. So we threw in Phelps, Conover, Mercer, Manitowish, Presque Isle, Arbor Vitae, Lac du Flambeau, and the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage. More great fishing lakes than you can shake a rod at – over 180 in all!… More >>

Northern Wisconsin Fishing Map Guide – Vilas

Basic Guide To Fishing in USA

Fishing as a sport and recreational activity is very popular in the United States. It has been a traditional hobby of the Americans as well as tourists in the USA. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, including the many streams of water across the country offer greater opportunities for Salt water fishing. United States of America has many rivers, lakes and inland streams for fresh water adventures.

Fishing in the U.S.A. is very diverse because of the fish migrating every season. The weather, however, is one factor that restrains people from fishing. Rain, fog, snow, and wind affect the fishermen since these conditions may sometimes be dangerous to them.

Since the fish are diverse, fishermen have a lot of fishing techniques depending on the type of fish they are targeting. They can do surf fishing, fly fishing, bait casting, pier fishing and many other techniques.

Florida for example, is one state that has long been famous for fishing. Everywhere in Florida you see a lot of men and women of different ages getting excited about fishing. You see them holding fishing lines in bridges, causeways, riverbanks and piers. Also, Charter fishing boats are popular in all coasts of Florida.

Florida is known for its saltwater fishing and fly fishing. You need to be versatile to get the most out of Florida’s fly fishing adventures. Fly fishing and saltwater fishing are your choices depending on the time of the year.

There are abundant Redfish in Daytona Beach, Titusville and St. John’s River. Spotted Sea Trout are also found in Florida. You can find a local guide in the area and they will be able to help you enjoy your fishing experience.

Florida has been a hot place for fishing especially during the start of October. There are large numbers of Redfish until mid morning. There are a lot of Snooks being caught. During the afternoon when the temperature is high, there are a large numbers of jacks, ladyfish and trout that keep the fishermen in action.

Americans and tourists have a variety of reason why they fish in the U.S.A. Some love to see the sunrise and sunset in the water. Besides fishing, some love to watch dolphins, whales and birds. But still it is the catching of fish that really thrill them. Fishing in the U.S.A is a meaningful pastime whether in groups or all alone. The money you will spend is worth the fun and excitement including building relationships.

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Basic Guide To Fishing In Canada

If you would like to experience real adventure in fishing, then Canada is the perfect location for you. Canada has a wide area of rivers, ponds, freshwater lakes, saltwater and streams. Freshwater and saltwater fishing are the favorite pastimes of Canadians and tourists.

Fish in Canada including wildlife are very abundant. Canada offers a lot of first-class fishing trips that will make the most out of your time and money. There would not be any reason that you might be disappointed.

Canada has the ideal water where the fish are abundant. There are also plenty of shops and establishments that sell fishing gear and tools for fishing. Fishing in Canada is divided in two groups. That is the Lake Water Fishing and the Salt Water Fishing. The two groups are totally different especially in Canada.

The most famous fishing in Canada is the Salmon Fishing, which is enjoying and rewarding. Salmon varieties that are abundant in Canada are the Coho, Sockeye Salmon, Chinook and the chum. Salmon are known for their size and beauty. Many fishing guides in Canada specialize in the adventure of Salmon Fishing.

Saltwater fishing is popular in the 3 coasts of Canada. They are the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans. This is a chance for shark and tuna fishing. A lot of big saltwater fish are caught only on deep seas and that is what the 3 coasts offer.

Canada is also known for fly fishing. Fly fishing, which is an older type of sport fishing, is about catching a fish using an artificial lure called a “fly”. Many resorts and establishments in Canada offer great packages on fly fishing.

Ice Fishing is also an option for you if you would like to experience fishing in Canada. There are also ice fishing guides that could assist you in your trip. They will ensure your safety and enjoyable experience in Canada. Ice fishing requires special gear, outfits and techniques that require the help of a skilled ice fishing guide. Many tourists who come to Canada for ice fishing can rent ice huts to keep them warm and away from wind.

For tourists who would like to experience ice fishing in Canada, it is always recommended that you come along with fishing guides that are specialized on each fishing type. It is also advised to bring a compass, cell phones and flashlights as safety device and for emergency purposes.

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Sportsman’s Guide: Alaska Fishing Camps

My friend Bob is always looking for the next great adventure. Recently he took a trip up to Alaska and spent a week at a fishing camp. When he returned he seemed almost disappointed to be home. It turns out that he had the best vacation of his life and had enough stories about the “one that got away” to last a lifetime. No sooner was he back then he was talking about planning his next getaway to the northern state.

Alaska is well known not only in America but all over the world for it’s fantastic landscape, beautiful scenery and it’s great hunting and fishing opportunities. Every year hunters from Japan, England, Germany Scandinavia and a lot of other countries are heading toward Alaska for fishing and hunting adventures or just for great outdoor experiences.

Bob spent a week at a fishing lodge up in Alaska. It was hard to tell if he enjoyed the comforts of the lodge in the evening or the amazing saltwater and ice fishing he did during the day. You see, the cold, deep oceans that surround that region make it one of he best fishing spots in the world. Bob told me that on any given day he would catch at least a dozen fish that were worth bringing back. Of course, he did just that much to his wife’s chagrin when he packed about two dozen of them in dry ice and had it send back home via overnight courier. Keeping the fish as fresh as possible is the big challenge for every fisherman. Fortunately Alaska has a well built apparatus of courier services due to requirements from the thousands of sport fishermen that need their catch brought home in a fresh condition.

Spending a week with fellow fishing enthusiasts from around the world he learned some of the tricks of the trade that he says he can’t wait to get out on the water and try locally. Of course, no fishing getaway adventure would be complete without tales of the “big one that got away” and as his friends and co-workers can attest he has been filling them in on the stories on a daily basis.

An avid fisherman myself I am going to take Bob up on his advice and next summer will join him for a getaway to see how many tall tales I can come back with – and who knows, maybe I’ll catch a fish or two.

Ian Koch is a writer and internet publisher who likes to publish Guides and Articles about Alaska Fishing . Check out sport-fishing-in-alaska.com for more.

Northern Indiana Fishing Map Guide

  • Color Contour Fishing Maps
  • Highlighted Fishing Spots and techniques
  • Local fishing guide fishing tips
  • Fish Stocking and Survey Data
  • Access Locations and Accommodations

Product Description
BRAND NEW!!! REVISED IN 2006!! Over 200 excellent fishing waters are covered in the following Northern Indiana counties: Allen, Dekalb, Elkhart, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, St. Joseph, Marshall, Fulton, Pulaski, Starke, La Porte, Porter, Jasper, Newton, Lake and Whitley. With GPS grids larger lakes. “Sportsman’s Connection has found veteran Hoosier anglers and guides who have fished just about every public lake and are willing to share their knowledge of … More >>

Northern Indiana Fishing Map Guide

Southwest Michigan Fishing Map Guide

Southwest Michigan Fishing Map Guide