Bob Holmes Texas Pro Fishing Guide on Richland Chambers Lake 214-728-3310 Sand bass fishing in East Texas with Pro Fishing Guide Bob Holmes on Richland Chambers Lake. A fun and informative video! A rare cold front (in August! Texas!) and a huge thunderstorm shattered the hopes of catching the bigger sandbass, but we caught tons of the smaller ones!
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There’s nothing better than a day on the water with Captain Mark, if you enjoy fishing. As the video depicts, each time we go, a great time is had by all, even on tough days like this. The wind blew, it was cold but Captain Mark put Coach and Will on fish and they even put a few in the boat. Captain Mark Dravo is a Coast Guard certified charter boat captain and river guide from Fort Pierce, Florida. This guy knows how to catch fish, but even more importantly, he’s a great guy to know and a riot to be around. YB Normal Fishing is the real deal! Whether you are a Florida resident or are searching for the best Snook, Trout and Redfish charters for your next vacation, Captain Mark is worth the phone call. For more information visit his website:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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16 thoughts on “Bob Holmes Texas Pro Fishing Guide on Richland Chambers Lake”

  1. Hey everyone here is an awesome web cam from Key West Florida. It’s the only web cam anywhere on a fishing charter boat that allows you to enjoy live web cam viewing from the docks and it follows the charter boat Afternoon Delight while fishing live at sea.


  2. If you like fishing and cannot go- just watch this video and use your imagination and you soon will be fishing…

  3. That’s why I like fishing with Captain Mark. We’ve never been out and not caught decent fish, even on days when the weather isn’t favorable. Fort Pierce is just a short hop from Atalanta… ;) !!

  4. Time to find some water then… I wouldn’t trade life here in Florida for anything. It doesn’t get any better than this, at least in my experience. Of course I’m not sure that I’d ever want to come back from Hawaii if I went there. I know the fishing is amazing there as well.

  5. Hey brother, thanks for stopping by today. The REALITY is that this is a great way to spend the day here in Fort Pierce, Florida. Be blessed!

  6. Hi Neal, thanks for watching! Fort Pierce fishing is just amazing and a day with Captain Mark Dravo is worth every penny and more. It won’t be long and we’ll all be fishing with him… cheers!

  7. Hey Mr. Bill, thanks for the support! The next time you’re here in Fort Pierce, Florida we’ll hook up with Captain Mark and go catch ya a monster Snook, Trout or Redfish. They grow big in the big water… ;) !!

  8. Hi Bonnie, thanks for stopping by! As Florida fishing charters go, you can’t beat a day with Captain Mark… the guy could catch fish out of mud puddle.

  9. Rex, great production. Loved the shoot and you captured the essence of the good-fishing. We will have to visit “The Captain”…soon.

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