Sportsman’s Guide: Alaska Fishing Camps

My friend Bob is always looking for the next great adventure. Recently he took a trip up to Alaska and spent a week at a fishing camp. When he returned he seemed almost disappointed to be home. It turns out that he had the best vacation of his life and had enough stories about the “one that got away” to last a lifetime. No sooner was he back then he was talking about planning his next getaway to the northern state.

Alaska is well known not only in America but all over the world for it’s fantastic landscape, beautiful scenery and it’s great hunting and fishing opportunities. Every year hunters from Japan, England, Germany Scandinavia and a lot of other countries are heading toward Alaska for fishing and hunting adventures or just for great outdoor experiences.

Bob spent a week at a fishing lodge up in Alaska. It was hard to tell if he enjoyed the comforts of the lodge in the evening or the amazing saltwater and ice fishing he did during the day. You see, the cold, deep oceans that surround that region make it one of he best fishing spots in the world. Bob told me that on any given day he would catch at least a dozen fish that were worth bringing back. Of course, he did just that much to his wife’s chagrin when he packed about two dozen of them in dry ice and had it send back home via overnight courier. Keeping the fish as fresh as possible is the big challenge for every fisherman. Fortunately Alaska has a well built apparatus of courier services due to requirements from the thousands of sport fishermen that need their catch brought home in a fresh condition.

Spending a week with fellow fishing enthusiasts from around the world he learned some of the tricks of the trade that he says he can’t wait to get out on the water and try locally. Of course, no fishing getaway adventure would be complete without tales of the “big one that got away” and as his friends and co-workers can attest he has been filling them in on the stories on a daily basis.

An avid fisherman myself I am going to take Bob up on his advice and next summer will join him for a getaway to see how many tall tales I can come back with – and who knows, maybe I’ll catch a fish or two.

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