Alaska Fishing – Salmon Halibut LIng Cod – Seward, AK

All day charter fishing trip with for multiple species. We got halibut, salmon, ling cod and more all in one day. We also saw a Humpback whale and orca, and enjoyed the Alaska mountains and landscape on a beautiful day. The crew was very knowledgable, friendly, and experienced. They made sure everyone had a good trip. I highly recommend http Alaska Northern Outfitters out of Seward, Alaska! They are the best!

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25 thoughts on “Alaska Fishing – Salmon Halibut LIng Cod – Seward, AK”

  1. donoesau says:

    Those ugly ling cod taste as good if not better than halibut

  2. musa672 says:

    I am probably one of the few that don’t like to go fishing, but love to eat ’em. So healthy food. That was a nice caught there.

  3. noclouds111 says:

    @AKAcath My coworker’s bro was doing scuba in Lake Champlain VT when he came up from below because the fish were alot larger than he was. “Fishbait” took on a whole new meaning!

  4. user6954 says:

    @TheRuddick21 depends on what u are fishing for in most parts of Alaska u are allowed 2 halibut and 2 ling cod and the salmon it just depends on where u are. but if u fish out of Valdez Alaska u should catch more than 5 fish u may only keep 2-9 depending on what kind of fish u catch but are limits are set by species and a few have to be over 35 inches.

  5. marthah6 says:


  6. hihaaf3 says:

    that’s a place i wan to fish 🙂

  7. coolist101 says:

    i went to alaska and now im a resident there and i catch about 80 sock eye a day, but i net fish and sometimes i use a ! fly rod

  8. AKAcath says:

    imagin swimming with those fish!! wholly crap! i would be afraid of being eaten alive!

  9. rhdjdmda6 says:

    whats limit on the cod, the halibut, and salmon per person… that looks like alot of fish??


    @nitestryker7 as a life long Alaskan i can tell you NOTHING is smaller in Alaska!

  11. AntiTbagsms says:

    Oh yeah CoD Modern Fishing

  12. TheRuddick21 says:

    if i go fishing in Alaska on a charter boat, it is most likely ill catch more than 5 fish?????

  13. halkvideos says:

    you should release the small halibut and salmon

  14. boredout420 says:

    i wanna go fishin now

  15. HawkRock50 says:

    @laurelms How much did the fishing trip cost?

  16. Fisherguy28 says:

    @artsylovelylady Ling Cod

  17. Cordenesp says:

    no respect

  18. artsylovelylady says:

    What kind of fish is that at 1:31?

  19. groffel123 says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, just for the Halibut………….

  20. megroxursoxoff says:

    nice fish… jus sayin

  21. adamsbruce says:


    Bruce Adams

  22. Yelphin says:

    big ling cod

  23. kadyokarding says:

    It’s like been in the fish market!!!

  24. ALTAIRISGAY says:

    it look like a grouger in 1 14

  25. lloydstevenvilla says:

    those are my dream catch… nice catch

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