Alaska Fishing Safari? Monster Halibut, fishing with Saltwater Safari out of Seward Alaska

Seward AK Fishing – Halibut, Salmon, Combo and Sharks

The ultimate deep-sea Alaska fishing charter adventure awaits you when you fish with Saltwater Safari Company in Seward, Alaska.

Not only will you be fishing Alaska’s most productive long-range fishing grounds, you will be doing it with the company that pioneered the entire region. Saltwater Safari Company maintains its reputation as the charter service that targets big halibut, lingcod, rcokfish, salmon shark and silver and king salmon and enjoys consistent record catches.
Saltwater Safari Company will take you to the outer limits of Seward’s richest sport-fishing grounds. Our vessels’ range and speed enable us to venture beyond areas exhausted by heavy sport-fishing pressure. Targeted species include halibut, lingcod, rockfish, silver and king salmon and salmon sharks.

saltwatersafari-dot-com2Fish in Alaska in Style

Our Seward Alaska Fishing Vessels & Crew  Saltwater Safari company has spared no expense in our commitment to excellence in providing you the best Alaska fishing experience. We provide only the finest Alaska fishing charter vessels available. The 53 foot Legend and 53 foot Legacy, built by Delta Marine Industries, are the pride of the fleet and outfitted with the most serious sport-fisherman in mind. These fast, powerful, long-range fishing machines are powered by twin Caterpillar 660 hp diesel engines and are capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots. They are designed to withstand the inclement conditions that are sometimes associated with the Alaska Gulf Coast. These vessels are inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard annually and have always met or exceeded their stringent requirements.

Each boat comes appointed with everything required for a safe and pleasurable trip, including comfortable cabin furnishings, a complete array of sophisticated electronic navigation and communication equipment, state-of-the-art fish finding equipment and all the necessary emergency/survival gear. Legend and Legacy are immaculately clean and strictly maintained.

A great day of Halibut Fishing out of Seward Alaska with Caption Bob and Saltwater Safari. Check the out at

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14 thoughts on “Alaska Fishing Safari? Monster Halibut, fishing with Saltwater Safari out of Seward Alaska”

  1. Great channel, Great Videos! 🙂
    -Captain Quinn
    Outdoor Entertainment and Awesome Fishing Videos!!!

  2. Alaska would be much better off if the replace the fish limit with a size limit. A person that can only keep one fish would be more likely to keep fishing and try to keep these Big Old Gals. We have even taken it a step further. We keep 50lbs halibut in the freezer and offer to anyone on the boat willing to release a Big Female Halibut.

  3. Hello,

    like the video!!!

    Hey, is there lots of tide there ??? or are you guys putting the engine in gear when you hook-up…

    If I come up to visit, I want to “HAND-LINE” my halibut…this is why I ask…

    Saltwater Safari i sthe name of this outfit..??


  4. Hey 2b. Heck Yes! I have fished that country, but it has been quite some time ago. I almost went to Brooks Camp last summer but I drew to many tags 🙂
    I found the fishing to be every bit as good as you mention in your comments.

  5. If you don’t fly fish you probably won’t like it as much as myself, however because the streams flowing in/out of Ilianma are literally unfished, you can cast 10 feet and end up with a 15 pound rainbow on the fly. I think the Nush is somewhere near Bristol Bay, so that may give you a general idea of where it is.

  6. Because it is so isolated you see very few people, but essentially year round in that lake and the attatched streams there are White Sturgeon, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Rainbows, Grayling, Sockeyes, (rarely Kings), and I’ve even heard of people catching Burbot. The Nushagak flows into it and you can charter a plane there from Anchorage if you want to give it a shot.

  7. Have you fished along Lake Ilianma? You probably know it’s one of the largest lakes in the world, but it has (and I’m not kidding) the biggest freshwater fish you’ll ever see. While fishing there with my godfather (a bush pilot) we were trolling in his plane and landed 60 pound pike, and wading into the streams fly fishing, when you cast it into a 3 foot deep bit within seconds a 10-20 pound rainbow would be on the other end, and I’m not kidding.

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