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Alaska Fishing Red Salmon and Halibut

Fishing in Alaska. A week of fishing for Red (Sockeye) Salmon and a Halibut Charter in Yakutat, Alaska. Here’s a slightly shorter version of this video: http…
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Check out the facilities and the great fishing at Funny Moose Lodge.
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Commercial Halibut 2012

Commercial Fishing in the Kachemak Bay Alaska July 2012.

I took an all-day charter fishing trip out of Seward, Alaska for multiple species not long ago. We caught halibut, salmon, ling cod and more all in one day o…

Commercial Halibut 2012

Commercial Fishing in the Kachemak Bay Alaska July 2012.

B.C. Salmon and Halibut Fishing and Luxury Small-Ship Cruise Vacations – Westwind Tugboat Adventures

Fishing and luxury small-ship cruise adventures along the Inside Passage of British Columbia. Come step back in time aboard a vintage tugboat and access the …
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Andy Myers Lodge offers Ontario Canada Fishing Lodges, Canadian Fishing Lodge, Eagle Lake Fishing Vacations, Canada Fishing Lodges, Ontario Canada Fishing Va…
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Alaska Fishing Safari? Monster Halibut, fishing with Saltwater Safari out of Seward Alaska

Seward AK Fishing – Halibut, Salmon, Combo and Sharks

The ultimate deep-sea Alaska fishing charter adventure awaits you when you fish with Saltwater Safari Company in Seward, Alaska.

Not only will you be fishing Alaska’s most productive long-range fishing grounds, you will be doing it with the company that pioneered the entire region. Saltwater Safari Company maintains its reputation as the charter service that targets big halibut, lingcod, rcokfish, salmon shark and silver and king salmon and enjoys consistent record catches.
Saltwater Safari Company will take you to the outer limits of Seward’s richest sport-fishing grounds. Our vessels’ range and speed enable us to venture beyond areas exhausted by heavy sport-fishing pressure. Targeted species include halibut, lingcod, rockfish, silver and king salmon and salmon sharks.

saltwatersafari-dot-com2Fish in Alaska in Style

Our Seward Alaska Fishing Vessels & Crew  Saltwater Safari company has spared no expense in our commitment to excellence in providing you the best Alaska fishing experience. We provide only the finest Alaska fishing charter vessels available. The 53 foot Legend and 53 foot Legacy, built by Delta Marine Industries, are the pride of the fleet and outfitted with the most serious sport-fisherman in mind. These fast, powerful, long-range fishing machines are powered by twin Caterpillar 660 hp diesel engines and are capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots. They are designed to withstand the inclement conditions that are sometimes associated with the Alaska Gulf Coast. These vessels are inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard annually and have always met or exceeded their stringent requirements.

Each boat comes appointed with everything required for a safe and pleasurable trip, including comfortable cabin furnishings, a complete array of sophisticated electronic navigation and communication equipment, state-of-the-art fish finding equipment and all the necessary emergency/survival gear. Legend and Legacy are immaculately clean and strictly maintained.

A great day of Halibut Fishing out of Seward Alaska with Caption Bob and Saltwater Safari. Check the out at saltwatersafari.com

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Alaska Fishing – Salmon Halibut LIng Cod – Seward, AK

All day charter fishing trip with www.alaskanorthernoutfitters.com for multiple species. We got halibut, salmon, ling cod and more all in one day. We also saw a Humpback whale and orca, and enjoyed the Alaska mountains and landscape on a beautiful day. The crew was very knowledgable, friendly, and experienced. They made sure everyone had a good trip. I highly recommend http Alaska Northern Outfitters out of Seward, Alaska! They are the best!

Preparation for Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip

It is natural for us to do some preparation before going to a particular place. Visiting the northern portion for Alaska halibut fishing trip is quite enchanting. Going to Alaska is such a mixed feelings. Imagine that you are going to seek the best fishing spots just to satisfy the real meaning of the activity. Appropriate dressing for Alaska halibut fishing trip can enumerate advantages between the exciting experience and uncomfortable tour. You can never tell the climate in Alaska, so you have to be prepared. There are two safety measures that you can follow in order to cope up with the trip’s necessity. The first thing that you have to consider is to dress up in layers. Although it is summer time, there are tendency that the climate is cold. It is not good to wear cotton fabrics beneath because it can cause uncomfortable feeling while fishing. Do it is advisable to wear synthetic layers. You can wear long sleeves in addition to your base layer. Wearing jeans during the activity is a sort of hassle for fishermen. Bear in mind that synthetic garments are the best partner of fishing, so avoid wearing cotton fabrics if you want to enjoy fishing. Footwear is also important, so make use of footwear that is water resistant. You can wear a boots or any light sneakers. While enjoying the Alaska halibut fishing trip, it is important to bring some rain gear. You can purchase a pair of pants and jacket. You have to be prepared, remembering that the weather in Alaska is unpredictable. After you dress up for the fishing trip, it is important to know the typical equipments that are use for halibut fishing. Unlike other fish, halibut is the type of fish that weighs at around 75 up to 100 pounds, so you have to seek some advice from your charter captain. Experienced captains usually refer the kind of rods, baits and hooks that are use for fishing. They even bring you t places where halibut is abundant. In Alaska halibut fishing trip, you can also enjoy the perfect glance of the sceneries in the place. One of the most visited places in Alaska is Sitka, aside from fishing, wildlife is also enjoyed at its best. A vacation in this place will surely complete your holidays. Well, if you have time, you can enjoy the trip during weekends. For more information about the fishing lodges that you will check in, you can have an online visit. Most of vacationers visit Alaska during summer so that they can explore the place together with their love ones and friends. Resorts are also offered in Alaska, making new friends is also possible in their public areas where everyone can play exciting games. Free internet connection, well-furnished rooms, cable TV, and delicious food are part of the accommodations that you can experience. So don’t hesitate to go for a ride, it can be a lifetime pleasure that you will never forget.

Chris Hanson is an expert in Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out http://www.sitkapointcharters.com/.”>Alaska Halibut Fishing Trip. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out www.sitkapointcharters.com.

Fishing For Halibut In Alaska – Be Ready with the Equipments

There are so many people of today are fond with fishing. If you want a total vacation trip all you need is to try the Alaska experience. There are some points to consider in joining the vacation trip especially when it talks about the fishing purposes. Fishing for halibut in Alaska, is a vacation package that will take you along in the right perspective of nature. This type of fishing can develop your skills.  In Alaska you can catch different kinds of halibuts in the fresh waters streams. It could be a Dolly Varden, rainbow, steelhead, and brook varieties. You can also chase for some varieties like, lingcod and red snapper.



During the Mid-September up to October, it is the season for halibut fish to multiply. The weather is stable and it is very good for fishing activities.  It is also nice to avail unique places around Alaska. You can have perfect memories with the views, wildlife and the bodies of water around the place. In Alaska, you can truly say that your money is worthy enough of the place where you settled in. fishing for halibut in Alaska, can be a good practice for beginners. Knowing the real type of fish, halibut usually weighs at around 50 up to 60 pounds. There are some halibuts also weighs at about 100 pounds. Compared to the king salmon, halibut can grow up to 300 pounds. Isn’t it captivating? With this offer of nature, even an ordinary citizen can never say no to fishing.



If you want a rewarding experience, fishing for halibut in Alaska can be your option. But you have to choose the right fishing lodge before you go directly to the activity. Remember that it won’t take a day or two to enjoy your vacation. Just bring your complete fishing equipments and let the fun begin. You will never regret the day you visit Alaska, you can sense the fresh air, fantastic sceneries and abundant wildlife. What more can you ask for? If you are not familiar with the place, you can also hire a guide for you to explore the best fishing spots.



Fishing for halibut in Alaska can suffice your hobby. That is why most of the hobbyists are in love with the place. You can feel the real comfort with their rooms. You can get along with other guest if you try to have fun in the bar or public places wherein you can enjoy their amenities. If you have no idea about the place, you can check out for online information to get along with the packages that you can avail. You can also bring your friends and family with you. Feel the warmth of the morning light as you go on fishing. if you try to analyze, there ‘s something more from Alaska. It’s a place where you can enjoy the pleasure of your efforts. Prepare your things now and fly to Alaska.

Chris Hanson is an expert in Fishing For Halibut In Alaska. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out www.sitkapointcharters.com.

Feel the Excitement with Best Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Enjoying the best halibut fishing in Alaska can be the climax of your vacation. Catching halibut is quite challenging. Halibut usually stays in the coastal plains of Alaska. You can avail the service of a charter boat captain that will lead you great fishing spots sailing from Aleutian chain to Ketchikan.  When you wish to try different spots that will fit in to your baits, boats along the fishing lodges are available.

Being with an experienced captain is one of the great times for the best halibut fishing in Alaska. All you need is to check out the docks or asked someone who is in charge of the area. Hire someone having the idea of the best spots in Alaska. Fishing spot that will offer you halibut fish at its best.  This fish basically loves to stay in dip and shallow parts of the water. You have to expect that they can be found at more than one hundred feet down. Catching halibut generates the passion of seeking the best captain as well as durable fishing equipments.


The best halibut fishing in Alaska is always associated with the right equipments. You can have your charter captain as reference to this matter. You have to secure equipments that have a double capacity compared to its original function. Expect that you are going to chase a big catch. Typically, halibut weighs at about 75 up to 100 pounds. In order to let the rigs in the bottom you have to be weighted to secure that the fish will take the hold. Your rigs must be light for you to tire out quickly to oppose or catch the fish. Mostly, the captain will suggest commercial circle hooks with herring or with octopus bait. Apart from halibut, you can also try salmon. The bait that you are going to use will be based on what the captain recommends. While enjoying the trip, you can also gain some knowledge at the same time.


The very element of your trip depend on your captain, he can be productive or destructive factor while fishing. Riding the charter boat should also make you feel secure and comfortable. Aside from the usual fish that you seen, you can also view some dolphins that will go after or race with your boat. Halibut fishing is different from other activities because having them around only last for a season. Another factor that makes your vacation worthwhile is the place, as you can see, Alaska is made up of wonderful scenery that impress the eyes of guest. But if your real purpose is to have the best halibut fishing in Alaska, then you will never go wrong. If you happen to catch a halibut fish, you can truly say that you done something great. Halibut is a fish going beyond the ordinary so having a single catch can be a lifetime achievement as a hobbyist. Have your way to Alaska now and feel the ultimate experience.



Chris Hanson is an expert in Best Halibut Fishing in Alaska. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out www.sitkapointcharters.com.

Alaska Halibut Salmon Fishing – Satisfying your Hobby

If you try to ask both hobbyists and fishermen, taking their number one choice is the Alaska fishing spots. Do you want to satisfy your hobby? If the answer is yes, well it is time for you to go for an Alaska halibut salmon fishing. Taking the words salmon and halibut, there’s no doubt why people love to go fishing in Alaska. Because the size of this kind of fish really intimidates fishermen, let’s take the case of salmon, in chasing for one, you have a lot of option, it could be king salmon that is also known as the Chinook that weighs around 20 to 70 pounds. It’s a great WOW! For the hobbyists.  Another breed of salmon is the silver salmon or the Coho. It is smaller compared to Chinook and only measures around 8 up to 12 pounds. Really fascinating isn’t it? But don’t forget the most delicious among its breed, the sockeye or the red salmon. Although it is considered as the smallest breed of salmon, its tasty flesh swoon fishermen.

Alaska halibut salmon fishing is best offered in Alaska fishing charters, of course, when you go for fishing you will need such equipments that is also offered in the fishing resorts or lodges. Along with the equipments is the fishing guide that will serve as your compass on the trip. As you go on with the activity, you can choose among the types of fishing that you want to avail. You can rent about along with the charter captain or just stay on the fishing spot that they prepared for guests.  So don’t be alarmed if you are not familiar with the place because the fishing lodge that you avail will settle everything to make your stay worthwhile.


Before you forget, you can also chase after halibut aside from salmon. However, it takes a lot of time effort and patience because halibut weighs from 30 up to 100 pounds. A great challenge if you are new in the activity.  Another thing to remember before going to Alaska halibut salmon fishing are the rules or policy, there are some resorts that don’t allow kids to go with you while fishing. So you have to ask about it. There are some people that conclude that Alaska is only for fishing enthusiasts, but they are totally wrong.  Alaska is a place where you can enjoy the peak of environment, the bountiful blessing of wildlife and the perfect pleasure of the big cities.   So don’t be sad, if you’re not fond of fishing, there’s something more for you.


Don’t hesitate to experience the Alaska halibut salmon fishing, you will really feel the treasure of the earth. Avail packages to save from too much expense, bring your family with you and create wonderful moments together. You can really pull out the pressure as you arrived in Alaska. Take your time to enjoy after long hours of work. You deserve the best because you work for the best as well.

Chris Hanson is an expert in Alaska Halibut Salmon Fishing. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out www.sitkapointcharters.com.

Take the Challenge with Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Halibut fishing in Alaska is the best answer if you want to have a more challenging experience. We all expect that salmon and halibut are two common types of fish that exist in the waters of Alaska, but the question is which is bigger? Basing on their size, it’s undeniable that halibut is larger. Most fishermen always dream of catching a halibut that weighs at around 100 pounds. If you think that you belong to their circle, here’s how you can cope up with the challenge.


1. Be prepared with the fishing equipments. This is the first thing that you have to consider. Fishing equipments like baits, fishing rod, and etc. is different from the usual things that we purchase. Remember that halibut’s size is not ordinary so you have to take things seriously.


2. Fishing guide is the key element to a successful halibut fishing in Alaska. if you are familiar in the place, probably, you don’t need to avail the services of a fishing guide, but if you consider yourself as a beginner in the field, it is very significant to have a guide around, they are the eye of your trip, so it is important to choose the right guide in the place, it may be recommended by the fishing lodge.


3. Fishing boats. Basically, you can’t catch halibut the weighs at around 100 pounds if you stay, it is suggested to go for boat fishing. It is usually catered in fishing charters in line with the equipments offered.


Considering these suggestion, probably, you will ask what’s next after the halibut fishing in Alaska. Majority of guests would say, rest, relax, go for another activity and everything. Let’s take the rest thing, fishing lodges is the best place for rest, you can enjoy their service as well as the amenities of the place. If you aim for a personalized stay, you can avail the private cabins. Activities in Alaska is perfect if you set time for rest and relaxation. So choose the right and affordable fishing lodge.


Halibut fishing in Alaska somewhat enhance the ability of fishermen to go far beyond their expected capacity. It can motivate them to seek for the big catch. They think that halibut fishing is something that can give satisfaction to their passion. Going for halibut fishing is truly exciting, as you explore the best fishing areas, you will also get to know the best views of the place, your eyes will be filled with the nature’s perfection. Inhaling the fresh environment can also help you concentrate in the activity. So practice your passion in Alaska, go after the big catch and hit a new accomplishment. As long as you remember the things that you need and practice safety in the trip, nothing can stop you from getting the big catch. For novices, practice your skills and hit higher goals in fishing, but don’t forget the most important thing, and that is to enjoy.

Chris Hanson is an expert in Halibut Fishing in Alaska. He turned his passion for fishing into career, he is willing to guide you create memories out of his good experience and knowledge. For more information, check out www.sitkacharters.com.