Alaska fishing trips: The Perfect Medicine For Burnout!

Are you a fisherman trapped in a concrete jungle? Is it time to rejuvenate your angler’s soul with an Alaska fishing trip?

Or maybe you’ve never tried fishing, but you’re looking for a new escape? Something to stir your blood and make you feel alive again.

There is an answer: Alaska fishing trips!

Imagine subduing a monster King salmon? Some of these beauties can weigh up to nearly 100 pounds. Or maybe a 300-pound Pacific halibut is more your style? Or maybe fly-fishing for Rainbow trout is the perfect medicine for what ails you?

Be it a fat salmon, a monster halibut, or a brilliant river trout, Alaska fishing trips offer a diverse range of fishing adventures.

Back in 1959, Alaska became America’s 49th state. Before that time, Alaska belonged to Russian fur traders. In 1867, U.S. politician, William Seward, encouraged the United States to buy Alaska for a mere 7.2 million dollars. At the time, the purchase was considered silly; Seward’s folly,it was called. But Seward has had the last laugh.

Seward must have been a fisherman; he must have seen the potential for some of the best fishing adventures in the world. With its vast ocean coastline, unspoiled lakes and pristine glacial waters, Alaska is home to dozens of fish species including Arctic char, Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling, rockfish, steelhead, Northern pike, Silver salmon, and 400-pound Salmon sharks.

Ocean fishing charters run out of every major port. Even cruise lines can hook you up (pardon the pun) with Alaska fishing trips. Just ask at the excursion desk. And it is advisable to book early, while on the ship, as the charters sell out fast! Remember, you’ll need to buy a fishing license, too.

The Alaskan government has very detailed strict fishing laws. Your fishing guide can apprise you of any regional regulations pertaining to Alaska fishing trips: the capture and transport of Alaskan fish species; the fishing tackle allowed for sport, fly and ice fishing; allowable bait fish and the usual seasonal and weight requirements. Alaskan regulations even cover the use of gaffs and the molesting or wasting of fish.

If its total peace and quiet you need, try a remote destination like the Anvik River Lodge located 450 miles from Anchorage. Run by the Hickson family, this isolated fishing lodge is one of the more popular Alaska fishing trips.

If it’s a less rugged adventure you seek, try a fishing package like the one offered by Sitka Point Lodge and Fishing Charters. This upscale lodge offers complete vacation packages including: transportation, gourmet meals, all licenses, tackle and rain gear. They even throw in a hot tub so you can ease those aching muscles after a hard day of catching fish!

Oh, and if you ever get tired of fishing (not likely) you can always take in the grizzly bears, wolves, moose or humpback whales.

Or just watch a northern Alaskan sunset.

Whatever you choose, Alaska fishing trips are the perfect way to mend your abused overworked psyche.

For more information on all aspects of planning your fishing trip, and to download a free guide, visit The Fishermans Guide

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