Alaska Fishing – Salmon Halibut LIng Cod – Seward, AK

All day charter fishing trip with for multiple species. We got halibut, salmon, ling cod and more all in one day. We also saw a Humpback whale and orca, and enjoyed the Alaska mountains and landscape on a beautiful day. The crew was very knowledgable, friendly, and experienced. They made sure everyone had a … Read more

Alaska Fishing Cabins ? Pleasure after the Pressure

Fishing is great experience right? But what comes next? Can you still recap the excitement if you suffer back pains and all sorts of aches? Can you manage to say you enjoy if you see no comfort after? Probably, majority experience the truth behind the excitement. However, your fishing lodges nowadays, offer great deals with … Read more

Alaska Fishing Trip

The greatest thrill of a lifetime is to experience Alaskan Fishing. The pristine surroundings, the untouched rivers and lakes, turns a fishing trip into an adventure. Whatever your skill level is, fishing in Alaska is sure to meet your greatest expectations. Alaska provides the fisherman with more than 627 species of fish.