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Day-Dreaming About My Next Fishing Escape

Day-Dreaming About My Next Fishing Escape

Whether fishing alone or in your favorite stream, there is nothing quite like a fishing escape.  The sound of the ocean waves soothes, just as the rod in your hands is patiently waiting for that perfect catch.  There are endless options when it comes to fishing and planning the perfect fishing escape.  Where will your next fishing trip be?  Will it be a familiar favorite, or perhaps a new adventure?  Let us look at some options while the air is crisp.

Its early, the sun is just coming up over the horizon.  Its rays making their way through the foliage. The fog is lifting and the chill is still in the air.  Water is swirling around as one stands knee deep in the river.  The water is cold, but the air is still.   The tackle box lays open on the river bank and the fly rod is in hand.  The fly line is cast.  All is still.  The fishing escape has begun.  Now the waiting starts.  The mind is alert and ready for any sign of a catch.  The trout or salmon are plenty.  Finally it happens, a tug on the line.  Reeling in the catch tenses the muscles and spikes the anticipation.  The perfect catch.  At the end of the trip, the world seems a better place.  Stress is melted away.

Many fisherman opt for deep sea fishing on vacations, perhaps due the massive size of the ocean, this answer seems most commonplace.  There you are, out on the open sea with the saltwater air and gentle charter.  Nothing but blue sky is above you and turquoise water beneath you.  This type of fishing escape plays to more of the adventurous side for a fisherman or there family.  In the hands of a capable captain, the charter brings you out to where the fish are.

Along the way, dolphins may accompany you- depending of course upon where your fishing trip takes you.  The anticipation builds quickly with the salty wind on your face and the power of the endless ocean underneath.  Ocean fish can be very strong, surprisingly so, making the catch and reel all the more thrilling.  The experienced crew will help prepare to handle even a record breaking catch on most charter ships as well, marlins have been known to take over 2 days to reel in.

Once back at the docks, the picture is taken with the catch of the day (maybe of a lifetime) as the family heads home tired, maybe a bit sun burned. However it is the memories, the jokes, the fish, and the satisfaction that will stick around forever.  At least it will hold you over until the next fishing escape. When planning a fishing trip, deciding on what, where and when, can be difficult given the numerous options available, but it is a problem we all like to have.  Whichever you choose, if you plot your course and set your goals, land a fish and bring your reel, than it’s sure to be a great escape.

Alaska Fishing Charter | Cruise | Fly-Fishing Vacation Video

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Deep Sea Fishing – A Must For Every Fishing Enthusiast

If you want to have an adventure filled vacation that is brimming with excitement you should try a deep sea fishing trip. All the seas and oceans have the most beautiful and enchanting fish you never thought existed. However, it is the well known game that is what attracts anglers from around the world. Many people like the sport of fishing just for the sake of being able to laze around in the shade by the lake or on the banks of a river, some will also go the distance and hire a boat out to sea for a few days to get a feel of the flow of adrenalin when they have to pull in and land the giant Marlin or shark.
You will be able to do all this if you plan a deep sea fishing vacation on one of the many deep sea charter boats available. You could choose to go out on your own, if you have the necessary permits and experience, or you can choose to have an experienced guide take you out to the deep blue sea for a fun filled fishing experience.

If you are a new comer to the sport of fishing, learning can be fun. The best way to go about learning about deep sea fishing is to get some good books and magazines and begin from there. Then you can get yourself some good fishing tackle and hire a seasoned guide to take you out to sea and give you some instructions on the job.

Many people around the world are so hooked to the sport of deep sea fishing that they make it a point to go out to sea and bring in a fish or two at least a couple of times a year if not more. The deep sea can be the most perfect picture for your living room, and if the picture can have a prized trophy you managed to catch during one of your deep sea fishing trips you will want to go out every time you look at the picture and the trophy.

You choose how you want to spend your deep sea fishing trip. You could make it out to be a very adventurous sporting event or you can make of it a great way to relax out under the sun and in the sea breeze, and perhaps catch a fish or two on the hook and line you leave dangling overboard. Some people go at it with gusto and do not want to return unless they have bagged a trophy such as a big Marlin or Sailfish. Some anglers even catch a few sea fish they cook and eat on the boat itself, and bring some fish in for the family as well.

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Old School Minnesota Walleye Fishing Secrets

As families begin to plan summer vacations, many find that a good family excursion is a fishing vacation. While there are unlimited places to take the family fishing, Minnesota walleye fishing can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have with your family. Fishing for walleye up north is a way of life, especially in the summer months when tourists come from all over the country with their families to take part in the harvest of the fishing crop.

In fact, Minnesota walleye fishing usually includes the whole vacation package – a stay in a cabin or other small house at a fishing resort on one of the prized lakes that are full of walleye in the high season. You’ll find that families to get friendly with are not in short supply during the summer at Mille Lacs Lake, Rainy Lake, or Lake of the Woods. While it’s great fun to spend some time relaxing and casting a few lines with the family, it’s also a healthy place for you and your children to make new friends. Have a fish fry with the neighbors, and your kids can take home a new pen pal (or, in this day and age, a new Instant Message buddy!).

Interestingly enough, while many people look for warm, dry weather for this sort of vacation, Minnesota walleye fishing can be best during rough weather, such as cold fronts, rain, and wind blowing through in the middle of summer. These elements cause walleyes to head for structural elements where scattered bait schools will gather and shelter from the weather. Take your family out to the long fingers and spines protruding from the main lake, especially up at Mille Lacs, and you are sure to find a good, solid catch that will excite the children and make them want to return to the waters again for more fishing fun.

Minnesota walleye fishing can also be fruitful on a bright day as well, whether warm or cold. The brightness actually does warm up the waters considerably, even on a cool day, which brings the fish to life and sets you and your family up for some great fishing action. One of the really great things about Minnesota walleye fishing as a family adventure is that you can teach your children to fish with ease. This is because, while many species like to find breaks, holes, and edges to shelter themselves or for breeding purposes, walleye are easily found in the flats – the areas of the lake that have a flat, even bottom. This means that, as beginners, your kids don’t have to look for special structures or cast for holes to get a good bite. You can concentrate more on the basics of rigging, baiting, and casting without the hassle of location. In this way, kids can catch a good number of walleye, leaving a positive experience in their minds so that they can enjoy fishing in the future.

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Fishing Vacation Destinations

So where is it that you are wanting to go on your fishing vacation? Here are a few different places that you could go to enjoy yourself, with your family, and make some memories, as well as catch some huge, trophy sized fish, without having to break the bank. While some are more expensive than others, if you are planning a full blown family vacation, these destinations are great for fishing, as well as the experience the country can provide.

Costa Rican Fishing Vacation – Hitting the deep blue seas off the Costa Rican shores can mean huge excitement for you and your group, as long as you are prepared for long fights, and tough battles. Yellowfin Tuna, black and blue Marlin, Snapper, Sailfish, Dorado, Mahi Mahi, and many other large, heavy hitting species are found off the coasts of Costa Rica.

Alaskan Fishing Vacation – Many anglers love catching huge fish, but there aren’t a whole lot of anglers that realize the size of fish you can catch on an Alaskan vacation. Either fresh, or saltwater, you can catch large Halibut, and record setting Salmon to take home and display to your colleagues and friends.

Canadian Fishing Vacation – When it comes to remote fishing, you are going to be hard pressed to find a location such as Canada. Fly in fishing vacations get you onto lakes that have been touched by a handful of anglers, and offer incredible, life changing angling.

For large trophy bass fishing though, a Florida, or Mexican fishing vacation is on the to do list. Lake El Salto, and the Everglades provide some of the best bass fishing around the world, so if bucketmouths are what you have in mind, you really need to think about visiting either Florida, Mexico, or even Texas, and the California delta for a great deal of bass fishing vacation action.

Fishing Vacation

Are you ready for that Fishing Vacation? Well, if you are, then you need to begin planning your trip now. Fishing trips are the perfect dreams for the heart strong angler. Whether you love lake, stream, ocean, or pond, the options are bountiful. Your vacation can be a day trip or two weeks of daily fishing. You need to figure out who is going, when you are going, where you would love to go, and your vacation budget. The internet holds endless information about fishing seasons, types of fish and interesting locations. Think of your needs and they can easily be matched.

The wonderful thing about fishing trips is you can plan several throughout the year. You may decide to plan a family vacation. This can be a great way for families to spend quality time together, but you must remember, each person may have a different need, so accommodating these needs can be challenging. Choosing a location that offers other sites and amusement is helpful if some in your family may tire of the fishing scenario. Planning a trip with friends can be a great getaway. These excursions are perfect for getting friends together, getting much needed serious angler time, and of course, the celebration of a great day of fishing, cooking over the fire, and telling those great stories of the one that got away. There is also perhaps the most rewarding fishing trip, the solo vacation, the sky is the limit. You, your pole, the water, and the fish are the most important part of this trip, fulfilling your secret inspiration of you against fish. Going to that place, you have always wanted to go; to catch that fish you have always wanted to catch.

Planning the time of your vacation is dependent upon your schedule and based on the particular fishing season you are interested in. With the incredible amount of locations across North America, you can probably find the fishing season you are interested in available. Make sure you check any location you are interested in to ensure the fishing regulations, licensing requirements and available seasons.

Your destination is also based on what types of fishing you wish to experience. You may not want to experience deep-sea fishing in the winter and you may not wish to go ice fishing in the summer. Obviously, you need to go to the oceans to experience deep-sea fishing and visiting lakes and streams for your freshwater fish. Each ocean has a variety of fish you may wish to experience catching. Knowing what type of fish you wish to catch begins to narrow your search of locations.

Your budget will establish your length of vacation as well as your accommodations and travel arrangements. Many fishing trips are planned at a variety of locations, driving to each and staying at campgrounds, making for an economical and exciting trip. Often, groups will rent a recreational vehicle, which enables everyone to travel together as well as a place to stay. You can also arrange for guided fishing trips, which include packages for meals, accommodations and travel to the site. You may also want to investigate lodges and cabins in the areas you wish to visit. For those who want the best of all worlds check out resorts with fishing spots nearby. You can be fishing while family members can get that spa treatment! Indulge in fine cuisine or make your own!

Once you have established where, when and with whom you are going on your vacation, you can now become excited about the trip you are about to take. Dreaming of the great outdoors by yourself or with others is one of the most relaxing and rewarding vacations out there. Being with friends and family creates memorable experiences. So go now, and begin planning that fishing vacation!

Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are a timeless activity, for those looking to relax with friends, deepen family bonds, or just take a break from the daily grind by escaping into nature for a while. The options for fishing trips are endless- from a quick jaunt at a nearby creek to a luxury vacation aboard a private yacht; as the challenges and pleasures of fishing draw people of all backgrounds and income levels, year after year. Because of the versatility of fishing trips, they have been a part of many classic works of literature and film; who could imagine The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn without Huck and Tom, fishing together and plotting their exploits?

Some may wonder whether, in this digital age defined by consumerism, the old-fashioned fishing trip is losing its popularity. Perhaps people now prefer to fish by video game rather than in person? In fact, the sport of fishing is not being left in the dust by new technology, but instead adapting to it.

Certain aspects of a fishing trip cannot be replaced by a screen: the feel of the sun on your face, the smell of the water, the satisfaction after a struggle to reel in a big catch. While some traditionalists may favor the equipment of yesteryear, others are taking advantage of evolving technology to improve their experiences on fishing trips.

Take for example the staples of an extended hiking trip, far from hotels and other trappings of civilization. However, an ancient tent, fishing pole and rickety canoe may suffice for some, other fishing enthusiasts latch onto equipment with sophisticated features that allow them to push their personal records. The demand for quality outdoor sporting goods has not gone unnoticed; companies like Cabela, Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain have capitalized on the dedication of anglers and other outdoor sportsmen to build superstore empires. A quick look through their merchandise reveals a plethora of bait options, various types of fishing lines (monofilament or fluorocarbon, anyone?) and rods, to mention just a few products.

Fishing trips are not just a great way to release stress and keep up a sporting life; they also present opportunities to maintain relationships in a busy world. A regular fishing trip between a child and their parent can be a buffer against peer pressure and certain dangers involved in growing up in a world where drugs are not just easily available, but glamorized by increasingly young teens. A few hours spent together in a peaceful, constructive environment every so often go a long way towards sustaining an open, trusting relationship.

Teaching a friend or family member to fish can increase their confidence and reduce the pressures of work. The relaxing effect of a fishing trip is also good for your health, as a cost-effective method of decreasing overall stress in one’s life. The respect for nature that is cultivated by a tradition of fishing gives both young and old angler perspective on the world that cannot be imitated by merely reading or hearing about others’ experiences. For these reasons and more, fishing trips will not be disappearing from our lives anytime soon.