Day-Dreaming About My Next Fishing Escape

Day-Dreaming About My Next Fishing Escape Whether fishing alone or in your favorite stream, there is nothing quite like a fishing escape.  The sound of the ocean waves soothes, just as the rod in your hands is patiently waiting for that perfect catch.  There are endless options when it comes to fishing and planning the … Read more

Texas Saltwater Fishing – How to Catch Saltwater Fish in Texas – Popular Species

The great state of Texas is known for many things, one of which is great saltwater fishing. When you think of Texas, shorelines may not be your first impression but many anglers have discovered that there are great locations for saltwater fishing in Texas. You can be among them once you learn where and how. … Read more

Crappie Fishing in Texas – How to Catch Crappie in Texas – Best Spots, Tactics, Tips

Crappie fishing is very popular in many states all across the nation and Texas is no exception. Crappies can be found gathered together in large groups called fish schools. Once you locate a school of crappie you should be able to reel in your limit fairly quickly. The lakes, rivers and reservoirs located in Texas … Read more

Pike Fishing Lures-Tips About Using The Ideal Ones To Catch That Trophy Pike

A species usually spotted in the northern fresh waters of the world, pike is a favorite catch for many hobbyists. The maximum length one such fish can reach is usually 1.83 meters and also it’s weight can go up to thirty-five kilograms. If you are after pike, don’t forget to have special pike fishing lures, … Read more