Texas Saltwater Fishing – How to Catch Saltwater Fish in Texas – Popular Species

The great state of Texas is known for many things, one of which is great saltwater fishing. When you think of Texas, shorelines may not be your first impression but many anglers have discovered that there are great locations for saltwater fishing in Texas. You can be among them once you learn where and how.

Texas saltwater fishing along the Gulf Coast is an amazing adventure that can provide you with a lot of exciting stories to tell. With the wonderful weather southern Texas has to offer, you can go fishing all year long so it is great for vacationers that want to get away and enjoy some fishing during the winter months. So whether you live in Texas or just visiting, the saltwater fishing is always great.

There are many wonderful fishing areas for you to enjoy in Texas that provide a variety of saltwater species to make each of your trips a fun and exciting one. Below you will learn what saltwater species are available in Texas and where they can be found. Some of these locations are well-known while others are more remote areas that are still being discovered by many anglers. So what kind of saltwater fish can you expect to find in Texas?

Most Popular Texas Saltwater Species

You can find saltwater fish anywhere you find saltwater in the state of Texas but what kind of fish can you expect they will be? There are several popular Texas saltwater species located along the border that draws in anglers from all over. Galveston and South Padre Island are two well-known locations where you will find redfish, speckled trout and flounder. These areas provide some of the best and most exciting saltwater fishing in Texas. Anglers come from all over the nation to visit these locations. There are a lot of access points and jetties that help to make fishing easy and convenient along the coast of Galveston.

One area that is not quite so popular but should be is the Lower Laguna Madre. Here you will find redfish, speckled trout, tarpon, mangrove snapper and snook. This southern stretch of coastal land can be found between South Padre Island and Port Isabel and really does deserve your attention as it has some excellent fishing opportunities to offer.

The eastern and western parts of the Matagorda Bay each have a lot to offer when it comes to Texas saltwater fishing. It is a small bay where you will also find an abundance of speckled trout but many times it is overlooked and not given the recognition it really deserves. This is really a shame as it does have a lot to offer.

You will find flounder, redfish and trophy size speckled trout at Sabine Pass which is found at the Texas and Louisiana border. The abundances of redfish have made Rockport famous but you can also find flounder, black drum and speckled trout here. The Texas state record for trout was caught in Baffin Bay for two years straight.

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