YETI Coolers 105-Quart Tundra Is Perfect For Fishing

Everyone who loves fishing always dreams of the perfect fishing trip. The perfect cast. The perfect catch. The perfect picture opportunity. The best fishing experience can be more than a dream, if you have the right knowledge and equipment to sustain your catch after pulling it from the water. The first hour after a fish is caught is the most crucial for its stored lifespan. Proper procedure and care can add three to six full days of  life without having to dump them in a freezer.

When you have a fish on the line, it is important to take your time and wear him out. If you try to horse the fish out of the water, he will either break off and escape, or tear up the boat and himself, resulting in a less than spectacular specimen. Once you have the fish out of the water, it is important to employ speed. If the fish is big enough, you should gaff him right between the eyes very hard and then completely cover him with ice. If the fish is too small to gaff, just cover in ice immediately.

There is no such thing as “too much ice” on a fishing trip. Any fish that have been caught should be covered in ice immediately like they are a baby in the middle of a winter storm. Bring an extra ice chest that is only full of ice so that you will never run out. Depending upon the size of the fish, they need to be on ice for at least 3-6 hours. Fish that do not complete the cooling process will reduce the amount of meat you will yield from each specimen.

The new 105 quart YETI Tundra is perfect for such a task. The newest member of the Tundra Series, YETI’s 105 quart cooler is made with two inches of insulation in the body and three inches in the lid. The body of the cooler is the same type of material used to make tough river kayaks. It also has a pad-lock mechanism, and when locked allows it is be successfully certified as bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Yet, the 105 quart YETI Tundra is a bit different. They come with a deeper, taller design that allows more ice to be piled on the contents, keeping them colder longer than the regular YETI Tundra Series’ long model. Because of its new, vertical design, the new YETI 105 quart Tundra has a smaller ‘footprint’, so it will take up less space in your boat or vehicle.

YETI Tundra Series coolers are known for their durability and ice-retention qualities. They are the preferred choice amongst avid fishermen and campers to keep food and libations chilled for the optimal shelf-life. The new 105 quart YETI Tundra is perfect for any fishing trip because of its durability, ice retention and sleek new design that will make any trip the perfect experience. Whether you use it for fishing trips, camping, or road trips, the YETI 105 quart Tundra will handle anything you throw at it.

Ethan Luke. Coolers – Yeti Coolers are ultra-durable coolers that will last you years.

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