Striper Fishing – How to Catch Striped Bass

The striper fish is also referred to as the striped bass or the rockfish. It is a very popular species of fish that many anglers search for regularly. Striper fish can put up a pretty good struggle making reeling them in a challenge that is fun and exciting. They are fished for both fun and entertainment and for commercial use. The striper is considered to be one of the most delicious foods available today and it is served in many fine restaurants.

Stripers have a large mouth with jaws that reach backward below the eyes. It has two spines on its gill cover and the first dorsal fin has very sharp spines that you need to try to avoid. Its belly is a silver color and the upper body is a blue to dark olive color. They will also have seven or eight thin stripes that begin at the back of their head and extend all the way to the base of their tail.

Tips for Catching Stripers

Are you searching for tips that can help you catch more stripers each time you go out on a fishing trip? If so, the following tips are simple and should be quite useful. Trolling is a good method to use when you go striper fishing. When trolling you need to try and keep your line and bait about 100 yards behind your boat for the best results. This will prevent the fish from being disturbed and scared away by your engine. It is also recommended that you keep your boat moving at a steady but very slow pace at all times.

Casting is another technique that is used frequently to catch stripers. It is one of the most popular techniques to use because it can be done anywhere by anglers of all ages and skill levels. You can practice the art of casting from a boat, from the shore, from a pier or even into a wave. Cast into the tide when saltwater fishing and keep your bait as close to structures as you can for the best results.

Surf fishing and drift fishing are two more great techniques that many anglers have wonderful results using. These are simple techniques that when done correctly will help you bring home the limit you are allowed each time you go out on the water no matter where you are striper fishing.

There is a variety of different baits that can be used successfully when striper fishing. Some of the most popular baits used are listed below to give you an idea of what other anglers have had great results using.



Threadfin Shad





Blood Worms

Stripers eat a wide assortment of different foods that include crabs, flounder, menhaden, smelt, eels, soft clams and squid to name a few. Using bait that resembles their natural food source as much as possible will always get you the best results. Many of the modern lures closely resemble the different foods consumed by fish making it fairly easy to trick them into taking your bait.

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