Fishing Trips

Fishing trips are a timeless activity, for those looking to relax with friends, deepen family bonds, or just take a break from the daily grind by escaping into nature for a while. The options for fishing trips are endless- from a quick jaunt at a nearby creek to a luxury vacation aboard a private yacht; as the challenges and pleasures of fishing draw people of all backgrounds and income levels, year after year. Because of the versatility of fishing trips, they have been a part of many classic works of literature and film; who could imagine The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn without Huck and Tom, fishing together and plotting their exploits?

Some may wonder whether, in this digital age defined by consumerism, the old-fashioned fishing trip is losing its popularity. Perhaps people now prefer to fish by video game rather than in person? In fact, the sport of fishing is not being left in the dust by new technology, but instead adapting to it.

Certain aspects of a fishing trip cannot be replaced by a screen: the feel of the sun on your face, the smell of the water, the satisfaction after a struggle to reel in a big catch. While some traditionalists may favor the equipment of yesteryear, others are taking advantage of evolving technology to improve their experiences on fishing trips.

Take for example the staples of an extended hiking trip, far from hotels and other trappings of civilization. However, an ancient tent, fishing pole and rickety canoe may suffice for some, other fishing enthusiasts latch onto equipment with sophisticated features that allow them to push their personal records. The demand for quality outdoor sporting goods has not gone unnoticed; companies like Cabela, Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain have capitalized on the dedication of anglers and other outdoor sportsmen to build superstore empires. A quick look through their merchandise reveals a plethora of bait options, various types of fishing lines (monofilament or fluorocarbon, anyone?) and rods, to mention just a few products.

Fishing trips are not just a great way to release stress and keep up a sporting life; they also present opportunities to maintain relationships in a busy world. A regular fishing trip between a child and their parent can be a buffer against peer pressure and certain dangers involved in growing up in a world where drugs are not just easily available, but glamorized by increasingly young teens. A few hours spent together in a peaceful, constructive environment every so often go a long way towards sustaining an open, trusting relationship.

Teaching a friend or family member to fish can increase their confidence and reduce the pressures of work. The relaxing effect of a fishing trip is also good for your health, as a cost-effective method of decreasing overall stress in one’s life. The respect for nature that is cultivated by a tradition of fishing gives both young and old angler perspective on the world that cannot be imitated by merely reading or hearing about others’ experiences. For these reasons and more, fishing trips will not be disappearing from our lives anytime soon.

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