Saltwater Speckled Trout Fishing Advice

There are so many different saltwater species that you can fish for that you are never at a loss for the various choices of fish. However, whatever choice you make, you’ll want to know the best ways to target the species. One of the favored pastimes for many anglers is saltwater speckled trout fishing. When you start to look at the habits of these fish, you’ll find that seeking them out on a fishing excursion could actually be a very specialized sport.

First of all, speckled trout will lead you to underwater structure, even in the shallows. Like so many other saltwater species, trout like to position themselves near depressions, oyster beds, sandbars, and other structures (including drop-offs), even in the flats. Of course, they really prefer the drop-offs close to deep water or on the drop’s edge, especially if they can find a mangrove cover. You may also want to take your saltwater speckled trout fishing close to bridges, fallen trees, docked boats, jetties, and rock piles, as they tend to be hot spots for trout.

When you are fishing for big trout, you may want to consider wade fishing instead of taking a boat. These larger specimens often position themselves in the flats but are hard to sight cast, meaning you can rarely find them before they spot you. Therefore, fishing without a boat to warn them ahead of time gives you a bit more of an advantage. Also, it can be best at night because this is the time that trout typically feed. You’ll find less boat traffic and larger trout coming out of hiding after dark, so you may benefit from finding a lighted dock off which you can join into saltwater speckled trout fishing at night.

You’ll find from your trout fishing trips that these are lazy fish. They don’t like to work for a meal and will take advantage of opportunistic feeding. However, if you really want to attract a big trout, use big bait. Big trout are serious about big meals, and the giants of the waters have been known to attack a smaller trout that’s been caught while it’s being reeled in as though this was the bat. Use large, live baits for trout fishing, and you are guaranteed a good catch.

If you can find big trout in the winter, try saltwater speckled trout fishing with live baits like pinfish, yellow tail, and mullet along the shoreline in the mangroves near deep water. You are sure to find some large species craving a big meal here.

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