Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone With An Alaskan Fishing Vacation

If you’ve been there, done that for vacation, why not consider something different for a change? Get out of your own back yard and try something adventurous and exciting. An Alaska fishing vacation may be just the thing to invigorate your summer and provide lots of fun for singles, couples or the entire family. You don’t have to be a sportsman to enjoy Alaska, just someone who knows and appreciates great scenery when they see it.

Fishing in Alaska has been popular with fishermen from around the world since the 1800s. While the fishing lodges and cabins have grown more plentiful and now cater to modern tastes and vanities, the fish are still the same, and come in a variety of species and sizes that will never cease to amaze.

The most famous and plentiful kind of fish in Alaska is the king salmon, but so are the silvers, more commonly known as cohos. Fishing can be had from early summer through the end of fall, but most of the best is had between July and October. Alaska salmon are known to be huge, sometimes weighing in at almost 90 pounds, though most catches are a more moderate 8 to 30 pounds. Whether you want to fish your holiday away or enjoy other activities that the Alaskan wilderness provides, there is something for every taste in Alaska. Besides fishing, most Alaska fishing vacation packages also include hiking, horseback riding, and 4-wheeling, if that’s your fancy. You can stay at a small cabin beside a wide stream or in a resort nestled along the banks of a lake.

The best thing about an Alaska fishing vacation is the variety of choices you will have when it comes to deciding on daily activities. Alaska is home to millions of square miles of water and wooded landscapes that are sure to capture your breath and make you glad to be alive. Lakes, streams and rivers offer a number of fishing opportunities such as the salmon, in addition to several different species of trout, as well as halibut. Whether you want to reel fish or fly fish, there’s a special spot waiting just for you.

Summertime in Alaska is mild and cool, with temperatures usually ranging between the 50s and the 80s, although it has been known to be warmer or cooler. Between the fishing, the cool, fresh air and the history of the state, both fishermen and their families will have plenty to keep them occupied. Museums, historical sites, national parks and other activities and locations both along the coast and inland will offer something to interest any age group.

Planning an Alaska fishing vacation may take some time, as there is so much you can do in Alaska. If you want to plan your own trip or use a travel service or even the AAA, make sure that you schedule a visit to Bristol Bay so that you can fish both saltwater and freshwater locations. The trout are biting in south central Alaska, and offer both novice and experienced fishermen hours of fishing enjoyment. There’s more to Alaska than just fishing however. Wildlife is plentiful, as are spectacular vistas that will keep your eyes busy as you’re waiting for that next nibble.

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