The Best Louisiana Saltwater Fishing

If you are looking for excellent inshore and coastal fishing, try Louisiana saltwater fishing, which is renowned as some of the best fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Calcasieu Estuary, which is made up of the Calcasieu River and Ship Channel running from Lake Charles to the Gulf of Mexico, is a great place for such a journey, especially if you are looking to get your hands on some trout.

Of course, trout aren’t the only gamefish you’ll find in this area. There are plenty of different species to choose from, including speckled trout, redfish, and even a few stray flounder. You may also be able to reel in some sheepshead, ladyfish, and croakers, not to mention the various species of trout like black, drum, and sand trout.

Head out toward the oil platforms near shore and you may be able to locate some king or Spanish mackerel, tripletail, bluefish, snapper, pompano, bull redfish, cobia, jack crevalle, and even sharks. Obviously, with the right equipment and location, Louisiana fishing can offer a diverse crop of critters that will never disappoint an adventurous angler.

The first time you head out on a fishing excursion, you may do well to employ a guide who is familiar with the waters, the location for various types of fish to target, and the best baits to use to get to these fish. One of the favorite fish for first-timers is the bull redfish, also referred to by some as the bull red drum. Why are these species so popular among beginners? What advantage is there to the pursuit of this type of fishing?

First of all, in the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find that a lot of targeted species prefer deep waters, meaning that you have to take a boat offshore to find them. However, when targeting bull redfish, you can often carry a rod, reel, and ice chest out to your favorite spot on the shore and catch them in the surf. You can achieve success from some areas of the beach, work from a bridge, or even find a nice spot on a jetty from which you can cast a line.

Depending on how long you intend to stay and be patient, you may want to think about carrying along lawn chairs, an umbrella (to shield you from intense sun, especially when Louisiana saltwater fishing in the summer), a radio, refreshments (including plenty of liquids to keep hydrated), and anything else to set up for the day.

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