Riverbum Joins Kayak Fishing Classics

RiverBum Joins Kayak Fishing ClassicS

                                                              By; Katrinka Swenson, ClassicS Staff Journalist


  Kayak Fishing ClassicS is pleased to announce that RiverBum Saltwater Flies has

Joined the “ClassicS as the Exclusive Saltwater Flies Sponsor.”


RiverBum is the maker and provider of some very fine saltwater flies and will being

Tying exclusive patterns for the ClassicS Tournaments, as well as providing their traditional saltwater patterns.


  RiverBum, based out of Salt Lake, Utah has a strong focus on providing high quality patterns at very economical prices. What you might spend for a few flies elsewhere will buy you a pocket full of high quality RiverBum Saltwater Flies.


  Winners in the Fly Fishing Division of the Kayak Fishing ClassicS Tournaments will receive a nice selection of RiverBum Saltwater Flies. Contestants’ flies will be packaged in a gift cup and individual packs of flies.


  RiverBum Saltwater Flies were selected from several world renowned fly manufacturers. Their selection is attributed the RiverBum commitment to quality, selection and price control.

  Saltwater fish are mostly toothy critters or they have crushers in their mouth, that destroy a well tied fly in no time at all. A cheap or poorly tied fly won’t last at all and that just isn’t good enough for our contestants. RiverBum is committed to supplying very high quality saltwater flies that stand up to the demands of saltwater fly fishing.


  We are very happy to have the support of RiverBum Saltwater Flies and are sure our followers will also be.


  Please visit RiverBum at http://www.RiverBum.com/Saltwater-Flies/

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