North Dakota Walleye Fishing – Best Spots/Tips

There are some great hotspots in North Dakota to fish for walleye. The leader in hotspots is Devil’s Lake. It is the highlight of every angler’s day. You can set out on Devils Lake and have a good catch before coming ashore. Many anglers are talking about Devil’s Lake because the walleye fishing just keeps getting better every year. The walleye range in different sizes and are found everywhere in the lake it seems. No matter where you go, you are going to find walleye lurking around just waiting for the big bite. The thing is they are catching walleye on just about anything.

April is one of the best months to fish walleye on Devil’s Lake as they are looking for spawning grounds. They find the spawning grounds along the sunken islands and rocky areas, submerged timber is also another good are to find spawning walleye. During the spawning season, the angler’s are using live bait and jigs. You do have to keep an eye on the weather as far as the winds, but for the most part, the fish are going to bite. They do not seem to be affected by the winds when spawning season is near.

Because it is becoming easier to hook the walleye at Devil’s lake, you might be pitching jigs or drifting one day and the next day you could be slip bobbering. It is uncanny the way the fish attract to almost anything. You could probably use a plain old shinny hook and catch a walleye, but not recommended. They are still smart fish, they just seem to inhale anything no matter how it moves or how it looks. You will find this area a real good fishing ground in North Dakota. You will want to take along plenty of coolers to bring the fish home.

If you are looking for river walleye, the Yellowstone River and the Missouri rivers west of Sakakawea Lake is one area where to walleye have been hiding out for years. This place has been a secret of many for years. The walleye are big in this area because they have so much to feed on. The area is filled with suckers, smelt and shiners. This is a great area to look for walleye. During the spring months, you will want to plant yourself where the two rivers come together. This is just west of the city of Williston. If the water in the Yellowstone is clear, many anglers will use crank bait and troll up the river. Once they are ready to return down the river, they usually change the bait to jig, more than likely a deer hair jig leaving a tail of one inch and a minnow.

During the fall months, anglers are using fatheads and floats. They are staying closer to the shore where the walleye are lurking around. The two rivers are a great place to fish, but you do have to watch where you are going. The conditions of the water and underlying debris and sandbars are sometimes tricky to navigate around, but not to worry, all the fish you are going to catch makes it all worth the effort.

The Red River is another hotspot for walleye fishing. You do not hear too much news about the area lately, but it is still hot. You will find some big walleye in this area. The eastern border of North Dakota is where you will find the walleye lurking around. The Pembina area, Drayton and Grand Forks areas are some good areas for hooking the big walleye. Bank fishing seems to be very popular in these areas and they are catching the fish. The anglers are using crank baits and as the fall months arrive, they are using frogs along with some larger plastic bait.

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