Lake Erie Walleye Fishing – Best Spots/Tips

Some of the best spots on Lake Erie for great walleye fishing are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The most popular spot in Ohio is the Toledo shipping channel. You have to travel out a few miles to reach the channel were the walleye seem to be in abundance, but it is worth when you bring back some nice sized fish. The best way that most anglers say they hook the walleye is by trolling the waters in the shipping channel. The channel has some good fishing, but if you want something a little closer to the shoreline, you might try a few other hot spots.

Another great place to fish walleye is Fairport Harbor in and around the central basin. The area has rocky formations that attract the walleye between Conneaut and Fairport. You will not find any offshore walleye fishing here, but the further out you go, there are great areas for hooking a walleye. Again, in this area, most anglers say they catch more fish when trolling. Some of the best fishing on Lake Erie is also around Sandusky. The port by the western end of the basin is better for catching the walleye.

On the Pennsylvania side of Lake Erie, anglers have been known to catch a walleye north, off the point of Presque Isle. It does have calmer waters in this area and you can sit in one place around the point to hook a walleye. The fishing around North East Marina is sometimes good, this all depends if the walleye migrate that way from the central basin. Some walleye that never leave the area were said to be a rather good size catch. These few areas on Lake Erie seem to be the general areas were anglers go to look for walleye.

Some the anglers that fish Lake Erie have said that they troll in the central basin and use deep diving lures and spoons, dipsy divers and a worm harness. Over in the western basin they drift while using cast or troll crankbaits over the reefs while using a spinner with a fitted bottom bouncer and a worm harness. They say they can get a eighteen to twenty-eight inch walleye out of the central and western basins. Although they will tell you that best spot during falls is between Huron and Vermilion.

Walleye fishing on the Michigan side is much different from that of the Pennsylvania and Ohio side. The walleye are easier to find and are abundant around certain areas. The best time of year to hook a walleye is May and June along the shallow waters of Lake Erie after the walleye are done spawning. The leading hot spots are Monroe, Sterling State Park, Bolles Harbor and Luna Pier. The best anglers practice a slow troll while using a ThunderStick Junior. This practice is only good until June when you need to change bait and methods of fishing the waters.

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