Best Lakes in the Country and Tips for Lake Fishing Walleye

Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin is a popular lake for walleye lake fishing. The depth of the water is at its peek with only twenty feet. The other areas stay around fifteen feet deep. The weed growth and some underwater reefs make this the best lake in Wisconsin to try your hand at walleye fishing.

Some of the anglers on this lake are using a jig with a night crawler or a plastic twister tail. They are fishing right out of the weeds over by Kelly’s Point and Fraction Island. The recommend way to troll is using the back troll method with a night crawler and a spinner.

The thing to keep in mind when fishing a big lake like this is that every area is going to call for different types of bait. If you fish the open water, you want to use a slow troll. You will want to use a planner board with long rods with baits such as Shad Raps, Wally Divers and Thundersticks. In Lake Winnebago, anglers find anything with the color blue works the best.

Blackduck Lake in Minnesota is a well-known lake for some great walleye lake fishing. During the summer and winter, you find that this lake has some great fishing for everyone. The abundance of walleye is amazing. You can just sit by the shorelines and hook some nice sized walleyes. Keep in mind that the development of homes around the lake hampers the fishing in those areas, therefore, you need to fish the unpopulated areas of the lake. Up there in Minnesota, they just use a night crawler or a minnow to hook the big ones.

Lake Erie is a well-known lake for walleye lake fishing. Whether you are on the Michigan side, the Pennsylvania side or the Ohio side, you can enjoy some great fishing on Lake Erie. If you fish for walleye when the season begins, you will find more walleye around the sandy beaches and in shallower waters. This is typically after spawning. Use a bright colored minnow jig and you will have a nice catch for the day. As the season progresses, the walleye start moving into the deep waters where you are going to change your habits and your bait.

Lake Gogebic in Michigan is a well-known lake for walleye lake fishing. For an inland lake, this is one of the more popular lakes that has a large walleye population. The walleyes hide in the weeds and rock structures under water. After spawning, you can find more than your share of walleye in some of the bays on the lake. The most popular bay is Bergland. The walleye hang out around the new weed growth and are ready to strike. The standard bait can be used as the walleye are striking anything since they are hungry after spawning. During the summer months, you can use a quarter ounce jig with a minnow to hook a walleye. They hide in the deeper water by the weeds and rock formations.

Devils Lake in North Dakota is a real hot spot for some walleye lake fishing. Most anglers on Devils Lake like to fish the trees where they say you can catch some nice sized walleyes. However, they do not sit and fish in one area, they do a slow troll and use a Shad Rap, which is minnow colored. The best weather conditions seem to be cloudy and if you have a slight drizzle it can be some awesome walleye fishing. If it not unusual to hook some twenty inch walleye in about fifteen inches of water.

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