Iowa Walleye Fishing Spots and Locations

While in Iowa, you can find some excellent sots and locations to fish for walleye. The first spot that comes to mind is at Big Creek Lake a few miles from Polk City. This lake was however, a non-fishing lake because of all the problems it had. The DNR went in, drained the entire lake, and stocked it once again with excellent results. Here is the place to catch some good size walleyes. This lake is an angler’s delight for walleye fishing. They do however have some length restrictions for the walleye, which is fifteen inches with a limit of three catch and keepers a day. If the walleye is over twenty inches, you can only have one of those.

The lake has many great spots to fish for walleye since they rebuilt the lake. They added many rock piles for the walleye to hide. It has been said that trolling the waters by the rock piles has the best results for catching walleye. You can obtain a map of the lake with the locations of the rock piles so you know where the best spots are to find the walleye. You will find this map through the Iowa DNR website or at an area bait shop.

Another great fishing location is Brushy Creek Lake by Des Moines. Although they first starting stocking the lake in the late 1990s with walleye, you can catch a walleye if you know the hot spots where they hover. It is very possible to catch up to sixteen-inch walleyes and sometimes a twenty-two inch walleye is not out of the question. Although the lake is extremely deep, the angler has a real fishing experience when hooking the big walleye. There are many different spots in the lake where rock piles hide the walleye. There is such a lake cover on the lake that you may have a problem deciding where to cast the bait. Many anglers have found that drop and reel in very slowly not to make any fast movement works well.

The waters of the lake are exceptionally clear and you will want to have a pair of sunglasses along to protect your eyes on sunny days. This is also when the walleye seek deeper water levels. If you have a chance to fish on Brushy Creek Lake on a cloudy or slightly windy day, you will find the walleye bite more.

If you happen across Little River Lake by Des Moines, you might want to stop a throw a line in for a little walleye fishing. Although many anglers have since abandoned this lake, there are many nice sized walleyes just waiting in wait for your bait. The reason is that other anglers fish the newer lakes like Three Mile and Twelve Mile. Yes, these lakes are great for walleye fishing, but one can enjoy the thrill of catching a walleye on Little River Lake without distractions from other anglers.

You will find that the walleye you catch on this lake are actually about twenty to twenty-two inches long. It is not impossible for them to be as much as eight pounds. The best way to fish this lake is with a troll and drift. You can start you fishing around the boat ramp on the northeast. The area around the campgrounds is also a great place to fish the walleye year round. They like the drop-offs and the rock formations in that area. You are going to try this lake before heading onto some others in the area. You will more than likely have the lake and the walleye to yourself.

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