The Greatest Walleye Fishing Trips In Canada

Canada walleye fishing is an especially popular sport, especially close to the Great Lakes, although there are lakes and rivers all over the country that offer excellent walleye populations. If you are going to fish for walleye in this northern area of the continent, there are a few things you should consider prior to setting out for a general location at a general time.

First of all, Canada walleye fishing will be best during early morning or at sunset because there is a special membrane on the eye of the walleye called the tapetum lucidum. This membrane is located behind the retina and is use to reflect and gather light. This aids in making the walleye a predator, allowing it to see in light conditions in which other fish are blinded. Because of this advantage, the walleye (as you have probably guessed, receiving its name because of this special condition) can see in dim light and murky waters, meaning that it will target your bait easily in early morning and late evening conditions during which times other fish will be unable to spot it.

Another reason that Canada walleye fishing is so popular is simply because it tastes fabulous. These amazing fish are easy targets, though, for more reasons than just their brilliant eyes. They actually have an extremely sensitive set of nerve endings on the sides of their bodies that can sense the vibrations of even very small movements within the water, allowing them to jump on prey with little or no warning to the victim. Of course, this also lets them find your bait more easily. Over and above this, the predatory teeth of the fish are curved and, once they latch onto and around the prey, there is no chance of escape. For your sake, this is a beautiful thing because there is no way to lose them once they are hooked.

Strategically fishing for walleye in Canada is dependent upon the location and time of year. For example, in the spring, you’ll find walleye in extremely great numbers, but if you head out to the lake in the fall, you’ll find the ones that are left have grown to enormous sizes. You’ll want to target reefs in the summer because these provide the desired cool shelters that walleye need in the warmth of the summer.

Year round, Canada walleye fishing anglers should keep in mind that walleye prefer light currents and hard bottoms, especially during spawning season, when they’ll target gravelly lake and river bottoms in which to lay eggs. They also prefer dimmer light conditions, meaning that, in the winter and fall, you’ll find them in shallower locations, while the sunshine of spring and summer drive them deeper into the lakes, sometimes at depths of 12 meters or so.

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