The Best Way to Enjoy Walleye Fishing Canada

A real challenge to get, a satisfaction to eat.

Did you suggest Walleye fishing Canada? Sure, it is the most well-liked fresh water game fish in Canada – the much loved walleye. And also for good reasons. Not alone can the walleye put up a terrific battle, but they’re appropriate at home in a frying pan! This is 1 yummy fish.

And yes, the eyes…

The eyes are great. If you recognize exactly how they work, you begin to understand why fishing for walleye in Canada is so well-known.

The walleye has a tissue layer called the tapetum lucidum behind its retina. The only function of the tapetum should be to reflect as well as gather light. It’s this membrane that would make the walleye such a strong predator. It makes it possible for the walleye to see in light conditions that other fish (and prey) basically can not.

Here are the advantages of walleye:

The walleye generally hunts at sunset and at dawn. The darkish light at these times of day make the walleye’s victim an simple target. We have a stack of walleye techniques in which play to this capability and will enable you increase your being successful on the water.

However beyond the eyes, this particular delicious fish has additional factors going for it also. Its curved teeth add more to its name as a predator. Victim stuck in the grip of a walleye’s grasp has tiny to no probability of escape.

Walleye likewise possess very sensitive nerve endings in which run down the side of its body. That gives the walleye a jump on obtaining its prey simply because that can easily identify the tiniest of vibrations in the water. Walleye mainly feed on smaller sized fish (such as small walleye), though will probably feast on what ever the lake or river have to make available – insects, leeches, frogs – sometimes little mammals.

Getting walleye on a rural northern lake is 1 of the perfect experiences you’ll ever have. The walleye grow big and powerful in a lot of areas of Canada. Frequently the ideal lakes are unavailable by road and will only be reached by air.

And it seems the colder the water, the much better they taste.

If you are contemplating a Canada walleye fishing trip, you will be on the right track. The Canadian north, the fish and the fight is a thing you’ll always bear in mind.

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