Fall Fishing for Walleye

When it comes to September, I can’t wait for the walleye fishing to start. Where I live, in my opinion, I have the best walleye fishing in North America. Don’t get me wrong, there is alot of great places in Canada and the US to fish for walleye but I’m right next door to the Red River, where many a master walleye have been caught. The Red River produce’s some of the nicest and biggest walleye caught in North America.

Every fall in my city, anglers from Canada and the US flood the city to try their chance at catching the “big one” and I have seen many a anglers do just that. I have also over the years caught many nice “eaters” and a few master angler walleye in my time. Every time I go out, it’s always a thrill and great experience to land a nice walleye. Here in Canada we also call walleye, “pickeral” so I might be refering to that word a few times in this article.

Since I grew up next to the Red River, and I fish with alot of people who also know the Red River like the back of their hand, there is many of hot spots that us locals know. That’s what fishing the Red is so much fun, if you have all day you can move around to find the fish, or find the hot spot and stay right there all day! Either way, when you find the hot spot, just stay put and catch those walleye!

Ever since I was a kid fishing the river bank, I always used pickeral rigs and they worked good, producing alot of different species of fish everytime. Then over the years, getting into a boat was awhole different ball game for fishing. Now catching fish, especially pickeral, was alot more fun. Being able to move around to find the fish was making fishing alot more enjoyable and fun!

Now fishing out of a boat I was taught the use of jigs, and how they worked and caught alot of fish I might add. I had alot of good teacher’s over the years and my personal favorite of choice, is the jig. I tried alot but have the most success with a few certain kind of jig…..the lipsticker. Over the years this specific jig has produced the best results for me. I have stocked up over the years and have a good supply of these but that won’t last for ever, as they don’t make them anymore.

To me jigging produced the best results and for that matter I’ve seen pickeral rigs work good when your anchored as well. Surprisely, even in the dark muddy water of the Red River, the fish still bite to all kinds of color jigs and minnows.

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