Inshore Fishing for Sheepshead, Redfish, and Trout

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25 thoughts on “Inshore Fishing for Sheepshead, Redfish, and Trout”

  1. 3 days ago me and my dad went and caught 4 sheephead and each one was about
    3 to 4 pounds and about 17 inches each

  2. Have u ever tried rock crabs? Because I use rock crabs and then I get some
    chum off the sea walls & through some stinky chum out to bring them in,
    then put a rock crab on the hook with a sinker, then u will catch them a
    lot faster! By using that method in my spot, I come home with 35 keepers a
    day! I have more filleted fish than I can deal with right now!!! Lol

  3. Hey great video! I just started a channel and i love to redfish.. i was
    just wondering if you do any videos with a popper and mud minnows?

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