Florida Fishing-the Treasure Coast

The treasure Coast is on the the east coast of Florida.Roughly south to Stuart and North to Vero Beach. The intercoastal waterway,Wich includes all of the Indian River Lagoon,runs north from Stuart Florida,approximately 150 miles.Hutchison Island is the barrier island that separates The ocean from the intercoastal waterway. The Fort Pierce Inlet divides the Island into north and south.

Some of the best fishing sites in Florida are on the treasure coast. The reason is that there are so many types of Fishing you can enjoy here. Because of the barrier islands,it”s unique ecosystem makes the Indian River Lagoon the most ecological diverse waterway in all of North America. No where else can you find more spcies of fish,crustations,mammals,and plant life than on Floridas Treasure Coast.

Enjoy the following types of fishing at any given time.

1.Offshore-Stuart is the Sailfish capitol of the world.If you like big game fish this is the place. also dolphin,king fish,wahoo,and barracuda,the list goes on and on for great offshore sport fishing.

2.Inshore fishing-The Indian River Lagoon-Known for it”s wide variety of fish. You will want to target just one or two,depending on the time of day and season.I can”t list them all but here”s a few. Snook,mangrove snapper,jacks,sea trout,sea bass,flounder,pompano,sheepshead,redfish,that should be enough to make you hungry!

3.Bottom Fishing-party boats offer a great value for reef fishing.The six and 8 mile reefs off the treasure coast are the most visited.grouper,snapper,sea bass and a variety of others make for a great meal from these bottom feeders.

4. Surf Fishing-Miles of uncrowded beaches make for fishermans paradise.Fish the first drop off only a few feet from the beach to catch whiting and the like or,go large and rig up for some shark fishing or,anything in between. Anything goes at the beaches.

5.Fresh Water Fishing-Fresh water is everywhere on the treasure coast. Pull of the side of the road and fish a small canal our lake or pond.large and smallmouth bass are exceptional here.Drive 30 miles west to lake okeechobee and you will find some of the best freshwater fishing in the country.

6.Spear Fishing-want even more excitement? Then gear up for a spear fishing charter from one of the three inlets along the treasure coast.(St. Lucie,Fort Pierce,and Sebastion)You must be certified to scuba dive of course.

This list doesn”t even come close to all the choices for florida fishing on the Treasure coast.This area is still a great place to plan a fishing trip.Why do I recommend The treasure coast? Well, maybe it”s because sometines You are the only one on the beach fishing,or the only voice you can hear is your own.Might be the great Surises over the water. Or it could be that I live here and want to share this wonderful place. Fishing in Florida has never been better.

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